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Voicemail | Virtual PBX Extensions

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Virtual PBX Extensions
Virtual PBX Extensions - Phone extensions without physical boundaries
Phone extensions without physical boundaries

Virtual PBX Extensions were designed with businesses in mind.

This type of extension is designed to ring to a specific person rather than a mailbox.

You can assign specific extensions to each of your employees, departments, sub-contractors and even third party support vendors.

Through their unique login each person assigned to an extension can then manage all calls coming into that extension and adjust all call handling and personalization features of that extension.

How does it work ?

The Admin (usually the Business Owner or Manager) has the ability to create, assign and edit a Virtual PBX extension of the Main number. The person assigned to the extension will have the ability to login and manage that extension only via Web Center. This gives the extension user the access he or she needs but does so independently of the main system.

The Admin can view and edit each individual Extension from his/her Admin login to monitor the use of the extension or re-assign if needed.

Each Virtual PBX Extension has about 95% of the Included Features of the Unlimited Voicemail Plan Main system. Everything from Personal Greetings to Call Forwarding, Message Notification, Live Call Transfer and more.

Virtual PBX Extensions are designed to pull your company together into one location under one number no matter where your representatives may actually be located.

* Per Minute Charge is in effect for outbound dialing

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Voicemail | Phone extensions without physical boundaries

Voicemail | Virtual PBX Extensions

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