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An example about how a simple hotline strategy can build your business sky high
In the midst of a global pandemic, there was a small business owner named Jack. Jack's business was struggling, as many were during these unusual times. Despite his hard work and determination, he was unable to bring in the sales he needed to keep his business afloat.

One day, Jack heard about the power of a simple hotline strategy. He decided to give it a try, setting up a dedicated phone line for his customers to call with any questions or concerns. To his surprise, the hotline was a huge success. Customers appreciated the personal touch and the convenience of being able to reach someone directly.

As word of mouth spread, more and more people began calling the hotline. Jack and his team worked hard to make sure every call was answered promptly and professionally, building trust and credibility with each customer. This effort paid off as customers started to return and refer others to the business.

But Jack didn't stop there. He used the hotline as an opportunity to gather valuable information about his customers, their needs and wants. With this knowledge, he was able to improve his products and services, offering tailored solutions that set his business apart from the competition.

As a result, Jack's business took off, reaching new heights and expanding rapidly. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Jack's simple hotline strategy had built his business sky high.

This story shows how a simple and personal touch, like a dedicated hotline, can go a long way in building customer trust and driving business success, even during challenging times.
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Recession-proof your business by repositioning yourself in a new and profitable way

Use a hotline to build rapport and trust with your prospect

Market and sell a product or service in a non-threatening manner to markedly enhance your response rate

Plus more ways to get the most out of your recorded message hotlines, including:

What specific contact information to ask for in your messages

Getting a large response to your ads using hotlines

What exactly are 24-hour recorded message hotlines?


A recorded message hotline is a phone number that plays a pre-recorded message when it is called. These hotlines are often used for a variety of purposes, such as providing information about a product or service, allowing customers to make a purchase or reservation, or providing support or assistance.


24/7 recorded message hotlines are a type of voice-mail system that allows you to record messages that your prospects can listen to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Your prospects simply call your hotline number and receive your message or multiple messages.


After your prospects have listened to your message, they would have the option to either leave a message for you (with their contact info) or be forwarded to a live person.


  • Using a 24/7 recorded message hotline lets you educate your prospects in an automated, robotic non threatening way about why they should do business with you.


  • Recorded message hotlines can be set up by businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to provide information and support to their customers or clients. They can also be used by individuals for personal or business purposes, such as providing a phone number for customers to call to place an order or make a reservation.


  • Recorded message hotlines can be set up to allow callers to select different options or enter information to access specific information or services. They can also be used to route calls to a live operator or representative if needed.


  • Overall, recorded message hotlines are a convenient way for businesses and organizations to provide information and support to their customers or clients, and for individuals to communicate with their customers or clients by phone.


When a hotline is called, the system captures the caller ID. Account owners can then use this information to determine the geographical location of the callers which can be useful for marketing purposes. It cannot capture any personally identifiable information unless the caller leaves that information in a voicemail, if the voicemail feature is enabled by the account owner.

Put a 24 hour hotline to work for you

The quickest way to get recorded message hotlines working for your business is to use a simple 2- or 3-line ad that offers important and useful information and then ends with your recorded message hotline phone number for that information.
This strategy works for numerous types of businesses

The possibilities are limitless because there so many types of busineses that can greatly benefit from this marketing strategy.

And it is done without resorting to spamming anyone since people are calling your Hotline number, you are not calling them.

Simply create your own Hotline for your product, service, brokerage listing or any special announcement.

Here’s an example of how it might work if you were marketing to home remodeling prospects.
Case Study | Home Remodeling Business

For instance, you might run an ad on the Internet that says:

Warning! Don’t Even Think Of Hiring a Remodeling Company Without Reading This FREE Report

If you have the need to hire a general contractor for your remodel, make sure you read this free report that reveals the 7 questions you MUST ask before hiring a contractor. This eye opening, shocking report reveals the hidden secrets many contractors use to rip innocent people off…and how to avoid this from happening to you! To get this report, just call 1-800-###-#### (this is your new hotline phone number you purchased from us), 24 hours a day, for a free recorded message, and we’ll send it right out to you. Call NOW to avoid getting ripped off. Discover what many contractors don’t want you to know!
When a prospect calls your hotline phone number and listens to your message, they will hear the helpful information about the "7 Questions You MUST Ask Before Inviting A Home Remodeling Contractor Into Your Home."

After listening to the message, they can leave their contact information to receive a copy of the report, or opt to be connected immediately to you or one of your staff.
The importance of using unattendeed hotline announcements for business
Hotlines | Often overlooked but incredibly important

You may think that these recordings are just a necessary evil, something that we have to listen to before we can talk to a real person. But I want to challenge that thinking. I want to inspire you to see the potential of these announcements and to understand how they can be used to make a real difference in the world.

Unattended hotline announcements are often the first point of contact that people have with a company or organization. They are the first impression that people get, and they can set the tone for the entire customer experience. This means that they have the power to create a positive or negative impression.

But it's not just about the customer experience. Unattended hotline announcements can also be used to educate people about important issues, to provide information and resources, and to connect people with the help that they need. They can be used to reach out to vulnerable populations and to provide support for those who are going through difficult times.

The possibilities are endless, and it's up to us to make sure that we are using this technology to its full potential. We need to be creative and think outside of the box. We need to be willing to experiment and to take risks. And most importantly, we need to be passionate about making a difference.

So, if you have a business, Aitelephone urges you to take a closer look at unattended hotline announcements. See the potential that they have and commit to using them in a way that will make a positive impact on your enterprise one announcement at a time.
What is an 'extension'?

A voicemail extension is used as a storage space in your account for a main greeting, Hotline message or whatever you desire. Your account will have a minimum of 3 extensions to set up the way it works best for you. Use one extension or all three.


  • Think of it as your personal voicemail welcome mat. When someone calls your voicemail it can play a pre-recorded message, which is your greeting. You can upload an existing audio file or record it yourself by phone.

  • This greeting can be customized to say whatever you want, like, "Hi, you've reached [Your Name]. I can't come to the phone right now, but please leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

  • Your greeting sets the stage for your voicemail. It's a polite way to let callers know that they've reached the right place and that you'll get back to them or you can direct them further.


For example, the "hotline message" feature is like a one-way communication. After your greeting, you can use it to share important information with your callers. For example, you might say, "If you're calling about the latest rates on a 15-year mortgage, enter "1" on your keypad.


Each extension has room for up to a 30 minute message to play to the caller.


Or if the caller wishes to speak to a real person, they can enter "2" on their keypad. In this case, the system will out dial to whatever phone number you designated in your account set-up. Or, you can disable this feature.


Using an extension as a Hotline is a handy way to provide information without the need for a live conversation.


  • Callers can listen to this message and get the details they need without leaving a voicemail. Or you can enable voicemail if you wish. That way they can leave there information for follow up to a sales inquiry question. The system automatically captures their caller ID retreivable in your account portal.


  • In a business context, companies use the hotline feature to share announcements, promotions, or important updates with their customers. For instance, "Don't miss our special sale this weekend!" or "enter 3 on your keypad to hear how a person can make money while they sleep using their telephone and a hotline."


  • A an extension is used for greetings and listen-only Hotline messages. It is like your personal voicemail introduction and information center.


Each one of the monthly plans has a different number of available extensions that you can set up for your specific requirements.

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