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Dial By Name Directory

Voice Mail - Assist callers in finding the right person to speak with.

How does it work?

When a caller is dialing into the Main Greeting and does not remember the extension number of the person he is calling, he has the option to press 411 at any time. The caller will then be prompted to enter between 2 and 10 letters of the last name for the person he is looking for. The system will then play the recorded name(s) of the person(s) whose last name(s) match the letters that were entered. It will also provide the ability to connect to the extension for that person.

Example: The Caller has entered the phone key numbers 566 for JON as in Jones, they will now hear ‘For Bob Jones at extension 305 press 1; for Sally Jones at extension 306 press 2.’ The words Bob Jones and Sally Jones are being played in that specific person’s personal voice exactly as they have recorded into the system for their extension.

The caller can then choose the appropriate response and be connected! This is another feature that truly gives you a
‘Big Business image with a Small Business Price!’

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Voice Mail Dial By Name Directory. Assist callers in finding the right person to speak with.

Dial By Name Directory is a Feature for use with Virtual PBX Extensions. Each PBX Extension user has the ability to enter their name in the Web Center system. In addition they will have the ability to record their name over the phone.

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Voice Mail | Assist callers in finding the right person to speak with.

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Voice Mail Dial By Name Directory