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Dedicated Toll Free Number

Voicemail - You will have your own Dedicated Toll-Free number
You will have your own Dedicated Toll-Free number

In addition, using a Toll-Free number for your business says a lot about you. Customers and prospects will perceive that your business is more solid, well established and successful. You also remove any hesitation to call because your prospects won’t incur potential long-distance charges.

Toll-Free numbers typically have a 50% greater response rate than local numbers. The Unlimited Voicemail Plan auto-attendant system also adds to the image of a business by answering every call professionally and consistently, regardless of the time of day and regardless of how many people are calling in at once (See
No Busy Signals).

Accessible in the US & Canada – That is correct, your Toll-Free number can accept calls from the US, US Territories and Canada without additional fees to you or the caller.

Upon signing up for your Unlimited Voicemail Plan number we will automatically pull a random Toll-Free number from our inventory and assign it to you as your personal dedicated number.

This number will be a random 866, 877 or 888 prefix. Due to the increased shortage of 800 prefixes, we require a one time surcharge of $25 if you wish to have a randomly selected 800 prefix instead of the 866, 877 or 888 prefixes.

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Voicemail Dedicated Toll Free Number. Why is that such a big deal?

A physical PBX Phone system will NOT provide you with your own dial in number, much less a Toll-Free one; this would be an extra expense through your local phone company.

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