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International Conference Call Sweden

International Conference Call Sweden


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Famously neutral, the Kingdom of Sweden has stayed out of wars for two centuries. This wasn't always the case. For example, during the 17th century, the Swedish Empire was known as one of Europe's great powers.

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation bordering Norway and Finland in Northern Europe. A bridge-tunnel connects Sweden to Denmark. As of July 2014, the CIA World Factbook estimates Sweden's population at 9,723,809. Sweden's economy is largely services- and industry-driven. Exports include machinery, motor vehicles, iron and steel goods, chemicals, pulp and wood, and paper products. Norway and Germany are Sweden's largest trading partners.

Global Conference Calls with Sweden

From Sweden you can host an international conference call with participants located in any country.

Said another way, you could have attendees in half dozen countries. You will be able to meet and talk with all of them on the same call no matter where they are located.

Everyone can speak and be heard with included participants in Sweden, US, UK, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France and any other country.

Your attendees access your phone meeting from their country using in-country toll free numbers at no cost to the calling participant.

As an option, you can dial any of the attendees directly using moderator "dial-out" feature.

Using International Conference Call Services in Sweden
Whether you have business associates in Norway or need to connect with suppliers in China, hosting global conference calls in Sweden is easy and affordable with our international conference calling plans.

Start by signing up for a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan. Our plans have no contracts, no monthly fees, no setup charges, and no minimum requirements. If you never host a single call, you'll pay nothing. If you do, you'll appreciate our low per minute rates for 62+ countries around the world.

Hosting a global conference call is also easy with no reservations required. Simply initiate the conference, pick a time and date (or hold one on the fly), and invite participants. We offer local and toll free access numbers to more than 60 countries, making dialing into your global conference call as easy and affordable as possible for your participants. We also have even lower "dial out" rates, an attractive alternative to some of the higher cost countries.

Our global conference calling plans are also loaded with world class conferencing features.

We start by using a fiber optic PSTN network for Swden Country Mapthe best sound quality.

All of the features you'd expect from a premium global conference calling plan are included such as MP3 recordings, live 24 hour operator assistance (US-based), automatic attendance reports, moderator dial out, a free mobile connect app, live conference viewer, and more.

With our plan, you can host international conference calls from Sweden or any other country - and your attendees can dial in using virtually any phone type including landlines, smartphones, and VoIP phones.

If you're looking for a better way to communicate with a group of international participants, consider signing up for our pay-as-you-go global conference calling service. Contact us today to learn more about international conference calling in Sweden.

Sweden Access Rates

Sweden Toll Free access = $0.11 /minute
Stockholm local access = $0.08 /minute

View all worldwide conferencing rates here

Video - Toll Free Conference Call Sweden

Telecommunications in Sweden
According to the CIA World Factbook, Sweden had 4.321 million fixed line phones in 2012 and 11.643 million mobile cellular phones that same year. Sweden has one of the world's most advanced telecommunications systems. Connectivity is provided vial coaxial and multi-conductor cables, microwave radio relay, submarine cables, and satellite earth stations.

As of 2009, Sweden had 8.398 million Internet users. According to the 2013 Swedish Telecommunications Market report published by the Sweden Post and Telecom Authority, data traffic increased more than 54 percent from 2012 to 2013 and demand for high speed broadband continues to grow.

Cellular coverage throughout the southern portion of Sweden is close to 100 percent. The further north you go, the less coverage you can expect. Most of the coverage in the north is limited to the coastline and major roadways.

As of 2013, Sweden had hundreds of telecommunications companies providing the full range of telecom services including fixed, mobile, data, Internet access, television, and bundled services.

Just as the number of fixed line subscribers has gone down while the number of mobile cellular subscribers has gone up in Sweden, the same is true of outgoing call traffic from fixed and mobile phones. Meanwhile, call traffic during international roaming has remained stable. In 2013, call minutes received by Swedes abroad totaled 157 million which is comparable to the number of call minutes received in 2012.

State-owned Televerket used to dominate the Swedish telecommunications market. However, deregulation broke up the monopoly, opening up the market to competition.

In the fixed line market, TeliaSonera dominates the market with 60.7 percent market share in 2013. Other major fixed line telephony providers include Tele2, Telenor, and Comhem. In Sweden's mobile cellular market, TeliaSonera has 38.2 percent market share followed by Tele2, Telenor, and Hi3g. These same four providers share similar percentages across the broadband subscription market.

Conference Call Sweden

Enjoy ultra high quality Sweden conference calls

How it works

  1. Register for Sweden conference call service

  2. Give out the Sweden toll-free access number to guests located in Sweden or the local Stockholm number. Send the other international guests the access number to dial-in from their country.

  3. Optionally use the included dial-out feature to add attendees in any other country that may not have a local access number available. You can add attendees in any country, at any time during your call.

  4. At the end of your call, the moderator receives an email summary of the call details of all participant entry times, caller ID's, date, time of call, duration, etc.

Sweden Conference Call Features
  • 100 country toll free access numbers
  • Sweden toll-free and local Stockhoml access numbers included
  • Dial-out option to attendees in any country
  • Free mobile Connect App for easy conference call access
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract term
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete list of leader dial pad commands
  • Superb quality international toll free network
  • Automatic emailed attendance reports
  • MP3 session recording of any conference call
  • Add additional conference call rooms for other users
  • Monthly PDF itemized invoice

Sweden Major Import Trading Partners

Sweden Import trading partners, Major trading partners, imports (2010)--Germany 18.2%, Norway 9%, Denmark 8.3%, Netherlands 6.5%, U.K. 5.7%, Finland 5.3%, Russia 4.8%, France 4.6%, China 4.1%, Belgium 3.9%, USA 3.2%

View complete Sweden trading partners list here

Optionally the chairperson or attendee can use the web 'Connect' feature to enter the Sweden international conference call.


Your conference call guests located in Sweden can access your Sweden international conference call by dialing a Toll Free number in Sweden at no cost to the them.

As an example, your office in Sweden can host a conference call with your IT department in the UK and your marketing partner in Paris along with your associates located in the US and Germany.

To enter your conference call from Sweden, use the Sweden Toll Free access number from any city in Sweden including:


Examples of Sweden Market Reseach Companies

Amarillo Research & Consultancy AB
Amarillo Research & Consultancy is a specialist qualitative research agency operating in the domestic market as well as in Norway, Denmark and Finland. With a broad informal network of research- and...
IC-Potential AB
Kommunicera Marketing Consultation Ltd
Survey Sweden AB
Demoskop AB
GfK in Sweden
QQFS (Qualitative & Quantitative Fieldwork Services)
Novus Group International AB
Eedo AB
PFM Research i Sverige AB
ScandInfo Marketing Research AB
AB Stelacon
Perspektiv Undersokkningar AB
Inizio Sweden
Solvero AB
Red Carpet Research
AB Better Business World Wide

View more complete Sweden Market Research Company list here

Sweden Resources

Conference Call Sweden
Conference Call Sweden

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Sweden International Conference Calls are easy to host for attendees in Stockholm or any city in Sweden

International Conference Call - Sign Up Form
International Conference Call
Sweden Registration

Whether you are located in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö or any other city in Sweden, accessing a Sweden international conference call is simple.

To use this service, the international conference call moderator or participant in Sweden would simply dial one of the Sweden access numbers supplied with the new account confirmation.


(Global access numbers provided upon account activation)


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