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Georgia International Conference Calls
What You Need to Host Georgia Conference Calls

In most countries, holding a domestic conference call is Tbilisi Europe Georgiafairly straightforward. For example, your PBX system may have the ability to join multiple callers into a conference call. If not, domestic conference calling services are readily available in many countries.

However, once your conference call involves international participants, it immediately becomes more complicated.

For example, if you're in the United States but need to have a conference call with attendees in the country of Georgia, you would not expect them to call your main U.S. phone number and incur all of the long distance costs associated with the call, correct?

Here's how it works

1 Activate your account to receive global access numbers, PIN and easy user guide.

2 Send your Georgia participants the Georgia toll-free access number. And send your other attendees the access number for their country from the list.

3 All participants dial in and enter a PIN and are immediately joined together on a crystal clear global connection.

Everyone can now talk together internationally.

The best approach is to use a global conference call service that supports the countries involved. International conference calling service providers offer services that address the unique needs of global conference calls. For example, if you're located in the United States and would like to host a Georgia conference call, our
expanded global conference calling service allows you to do just that.

For your attendees (and yourself) in the United States, you can issue US access numbers just as you would for any other domestic conference calls. For your attendees in Georgia, however, you would issue toll free access numbers specific to Georgia. They'll dial a local number, thereby eliminating any concerns about cost or operator assistance, and be connected to your global conference call.

Your Georgia global conference calls can also include participants from other countries. For example, if you need to host a global conference call with participants from the U.S., Georgia, France, Ireland, Australia, and Hong Kong, you can easily accommodate all of these participants from around the world. The hardest part of hosting international conference calls with our service is dealing with time zone differences, and that's beyond any of our control.

View all worldwide conferencing rates here

Georgia Telecommunications

Georgia Map

According to the CIA World Fact Book, Georgia's teledensity is about Telephones - fixed lines: 950,000 and mobile approx 5.551 million.

The fixed-line telecommunications network has limited coverage outside Tbilisi; multiple mobile-cellular providers provide services to an increasing subscribership throughout the country.

Cellular telephone networks cover the entire country; mobile-cellular teledensity roughly 110 per 100 persons; intercity facilities include a fiber-optic line between Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

Georgia Conference Call Features

150 global access numbers
Georgia local access number included
Dial-out option to attendees in any country
Free mobile Connect App for easy conference call access
No activation fee
No monthly fees
No monthly minimum usage requirements
No contract term
24 hour customer and operator support
[ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
Complete array of leader keypad commands
Superb quality international toll free network
Automatic emailed attendance report
MP3 session recording of any conference call
Add additional conference call rooms for other users
Monthly PDF itemized invoice

Georgia Trading Partners

Georgia trading partners Europe

Top Georgia Import Countries

United States

Your conferees in Georgia can access the conference call by dialing a local Georgia dial-in number.

Examples of Georgia Based Companies

Badagoni Wine Company (wine producer)
Georgian Industrial Group (energy products)
Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (trucks, automotive parts)
MagtiCom Ltd (telecommunications)
JSC RMG Copper (copper, gold)
Rustavi Steel (steel products)
JSC Tbilaviamsheni (aerospace products)
Socar Georgia Petroleum
Toyota Caucasus LLC
Georgian Railway
Wissol Petroleum Georgia
BP Georgia
Socar Georgia Gas
Rompetrol Georgia
Lukoil Georgia
Energo-Pro Georgia

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Georgia weather
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Host Georgia conference calls with Tbilisi and any other city in the country of Georgia.

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Participants in Georgia can easily join your global conference call by accessing the Georgia local access number.

Georgia access number

MP3 session recording makes it convenient to record and retain audio files for future reference.


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