Caller ID for Toll Free and Local Virtual Numbers

Caller ID for Toll Free and Local Virtual Numbers

Included Caller ID Feature

Caller ID - A free feature of Global Call Forwarding

A brief explanation of Caller ID

Caller ID is a feature from a telephone company that sends the caller's telephone number between the first and second ring of the call.

If the calling number is not blocked, the calling number is displayed on the handset or base station of the called party. Reference: Wikipedia
Caller ID

Caller ID Options

You can set-up your new virtual phone number to receive the Caller ID either way

1 The Original Caller ID from the callers phone

2 Your virtual phone number that was used by the caller to appear as the Caller ID

You can login to account portal and toggle between the two Caller ID types

Why Two Caller ID Options

Some customer prefer to see the actual originating phone number of the caller on their phone.

Other customers simply want to know that a call is being received through the Virtual Number.

Caller ID is available on Toll Free and Local Virtual Numbers


With Caller ID you have the capability to view the phone number of the calling party on your phone or device.

You will also see the Caller ID on your monthly account statement and it will appear in your online customer management center. Your customer management login link is emailed to you immediately upon account activation.

The Caller ID feature described here and included free with your Global Call Forwarding account, assumes Caller ID is available and is being transmitted by the network where the call originates from.

The Caller ID is available to you, a Global Call Forwarding customer, in four different ways:

1. The Caller ID appears directly through your phone display where you receive calls. This, of course, requires a mobile phone or landline phone capable of displaying and receiving Caller ID.

2. You can also view Caller ID through the 'Call Detail' link in your online customer account management panel.

3. Caller ID is also sent to you in your monthly invoice viewable both online and in addition, sent directly to you in a monthly PDF file.

4. Caller ID can optionally be set to transmit only your Virtual Phone number and not the original caller's ID.

The Caller ID feature is enabled in your Global Call Forwarding account by default to send the Original Caller's ID, no action is required to activate it.

Please note: This feature is subject to network compatibility on call origination and destination countries as well as the phone device compatibility being used to receive the forwarded calls at the 'ring to' destination..

Many factors can affect receiving Caller ID. It depends on whether or not the international or domestic carrier the caller is using, transmits Caller ID. And whether the caller permits their Caller ID to pass through or not.

If you currently can view Caller ID on your landline or mobile phone, you can be confident that you have a compatible phone or device that can receive Caller ID assuming the Caller ID is transmitted by the callers' network.

Global Phone Number Activation

Global Virtual Number Account Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including the following:

1 Your Global Virtual Number

Your account number and PIN and Login Portal link enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' number 24/7

  • View call details in real time

  • Manage your account preferences

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Caller ID is visible on your phone when a call is received and it is also listed on your call logs.

Caller ID is the phone number of the person who dials your Virtual Number or at the account owner's option, it can be the Virtual Phone number itself.

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Caller ID for Toll Free and Local Virtual Numbers