Virtual Number Forwarding How it Works

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Get a Toll Free or Local Phone Number and have your calls instantly diverted to any phone number worldwide.

Virtual Number - International Call ForwardingYour callers can be forwarded to your designated 'ring to' phone number which can be your mobile, business line, home phone, VoIP or any other device, in any country.


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Get a Toll Free or local number in countries worldwide. There are thousands of different local area code choices inside the USA, Canada and many other countries.

International Call Forwarding
provides virtual phone number choices within the country you select.

Example #1

You have associates, family or customers located in Singapore. You want to provide a local Singapore phone number for them to dial to reach you in the U.S. (or any other country). You would order a Singapore virtual number and have it 'ring to' your U.S. number (or any number in any country)

Example #2
You have a business located in New York and want to offer your customers a local number in Los Angeles or San Francisco. You would order a Los Angeles virtual number and point the 'ring to' number to your existing number in New York.

Example #3
You are located in Italy and have family located in Argentina. You would order an Argentina virtual number and designate your main Italy phone number as the 'ring to' number. All calls to your Argentina call forwarding number would then be automatically redirected to your Italy phone number.

Example #4
You are located in Switzerland and have associates, family or customers located in Johannesburg, South Africa. You would order a Johannesburg virtual number and designate your main Switzerland phone number as the 'ring to' number. All calls to your Johannesburg virtual number would then be automatically redirected to your Switzerland phone number.

Virtual Number Forwarding Top Features
  • RollOver Option - save excess minutes for future use
  • Choose your own Toll Free or Local number from a list
  • Voice Mail Option - sends voice messages to your email address
  • Time of Day Routing - redirect calls based on time of day
  • Concurrent Call Processing - simultaneous calls with no busy signals
  • Fax to Email Forwarding - faxes accepted and emailed to you
  • Customized Greeting - record by phone or upload a greeting
  • No fees for busy or incomplete calls
  • Call Recording - automatically record inbound calls
How To Call Forward Your Cell Phone Internationally

1 Use the call forwarding feature provided by your cell phone service provider (you must first get this feature enabled by your cell phone company).

2 Order a virtual number and point the 'ring to' number to any phone worldwide.

3 Then enable and set your mobile phone forwarding feature to send calls to your assigned virtual number.

4 Calls received on your mobile phone will be automatically redirected to whatever phone number you desire, worldwide.

Changing your 'ring to' number

You can login online and easily change the phone number that you want to ring when someone calls your chosen virtual number. The change you make is affective immediately in 'real time'.

Account usage is billed to a credit card monthly. Billing details can be viewed by logging into your account or we will automatically email a monthly statement to you, your choice. A listing of each call including call duration, date and time of call and cost of each call is provided. Online viewing of monthly statements and automatic email of your monthly statement are free options.

Optional automatic recording of inbound calls

The call recording feature permits the recording of all inbound calls from the virtual number. This can be adjusted on a percentage basis by you. For example, you can set up the system to record only 20% of the calls instead of 100%, or any percentage you wish.

Call recordings are archived automatically for six months.

Listen to or download call recordings 24/7. Login to your control panel and click the "play" icon to hear to the recordings of your calls.

A pre programmed caller announcement is available and replaceable by your own custom announcement or announcement can be disabled.

Top reasons to enable Call Recording
  • Improve customer service
  • Record transactions to maintain compliance
  • Use it for personnel reviews and monitoring


Call Forwarding Number - An assigned virtual number that redirects calls to your desired 'ring to' number.

Ring To Number - The phone number you want to 'ring' when your new Virtual Number number is dialed by someone.

International Call Forwarding uses virtual phone numbers to send calls across town or to another country.

Gain a phone presence in your choice of countries around the world by using call forwarding. Your new virtual number will instantly divert calls to a distant country or down the street.

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Simultaneous call feature is included. Your virtual number accepts multiple callers at the same time with no busy signals.

Have your mobile phone or landline calls automatically redirected to any other telephone worldwide.

Choose from over 2500 U.S. area codes. Gain a phone presence in any of 3500 global city choices.

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Get a Virtual Phone Number
In Any of These Serviced Countries

Example India Virtual Number Diverting a Call to the U.S.

Someone calls your India virtual number and then in less than a second the call is
sent to the call forwarding Gateway and then to your desired 'ring to' number

Same call processing for any virtual number redirecting calls to any country.

Call goes to virtual number and then instantly to Gateway then on to destination 'ring to' number.

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Virtual Number Forwarding How it Works

Buy a Virtual Number that automatically redirects a caller to any telephone or VoIP number you desire worldwide.