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There are many reason why you may want a call forwarding number.

Creating a Phone Presence in Another Country

You have customers or associates or family in another country and you want to make it easy for them to reach you.

For example, let's assume you have associates or family or customers in Dublin Ireland. You can sign up for an Ireland phone number that, when dialed, will automatically call your phone number in the U.S. Since the Dublin virtual number is local to your caller, the call is free to Dublin callers.

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Common Uses

. You want to create a local presence in a country. For example, you are a distributor of a product and you are located in the U.S. You want to make it easy to receive inquiries and orders from other countries. Now you can acquire a local phone number in Paris, London, Italy etc and have those calls immediately redirected, using call forwarding, to your USA phone number.

#2. You are going overseas on assignment and you want to make it easy for your callers to contact you. So you would get a call forwarding number in your home country.

#3. You have a kid in college and you want to provide a dedicated phone number for her/him to call home. Get them a local call forwarding number in the city of their new residence and have the calls forwarded directly back to you. No PIN number, no taxes.

#4. You call only one international phone number and want a very low rate and an easy method to connect to that number. Remember, you can change your call forwarding number online, in real time. Change it as many times per day as you desire.

Some of our overseas customers change their 'ring to' number often and use this service as a low cost international calling plan.

#5. You are traveling to another country. So you would get a Call Forwarding Number 'in' that country (hopefully a local number). Then you can dial that local 'in-country' number to make calls back home easily and cheaply.

For example, you are traveling to Mexico City. Sign up for a
Mexico City Call Forwarding Number and create your own international call gateway from Mexico City back to the U.S. Get a Mexico City virtual number.

#6. You want to forward your mobile phone calls to a number outside your country. With our service, you'll be able to program your mobile phone to call forward to your selected number which will then forward your calls to any country.

#7. Your company has a call center and requires local phone numbers in other countries to support customers or to create a phone presence in a new market. You may want to utilize the Call Recording feature available with all global virtual numbers offered here.

If you require
international call forwarding,
you'll like this service, guaranteed.

Popular Features
  • RollOver Option - save unused plan minutes for future use
  • Choose a Toll Free or Local number
  • Call Recording - automatically record verbal transactions
  • Voice Mail Option - sends voice messages to your email address
  • Time of Day Routing - redirect calls based on time of day
  • Ring up to 10 numbers simultaneously, even in different countries
  • Simultaneous Call Processing - accepts multiple calls, no busy signals
  • Fax Forwarding - automatically emailed to you as an image file
  • Customized Greeting - record a custom greeting
  • No charges for busy or incomplete calls
  • SMS

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Call Forwarding Virtual Phone Number makes it easy for your callers located in another country to reach you.

Create a Phone Presence in Another Country

Call Forwarding

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Why get a Call Forwarding Virtual Phone Number