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To change the number your callers are diverted to, you would do the following:

. Login to your Customer Portal.
(The Customer Portal link is sent to you upon account activation)

. Modify the field that says 'Modify To'. Simply replace the existing number with the new desired 'ring to' number and click the
[Submit Modifications] button.

. Your new 'ring to' or call forwarding number is now changed, in real-time.

The 'ring to' number is the phone number that you want your call forwarded to.
These phone numbers are for example purposes only

Global Call Forwarding - Time of Day Routing

You can set-up your virtual number to ring to your mobile phone in the daytime and your landline at night.

This can be done on the fly or you can set up 'time of day' routing to automatically make this change for you going forward. Modify this setting any time using your account portal.

Maximizing Flexibility: Changing Call Forwarding Destination for Your Virtual Phone Number

In the realm of modern business communication, virtual phone numbers have become indispensable assets, offering flexibility and convenience like never before.

One of the key features that set virtual phone numbers apart is the ability to seamlessly change the call forwarding destination, or 'ring-to' number.

This capability empowers businesses and individuals to adapt to various scenarios swiftly, ensuring uninterrupted communication with customers, clients, and partners.

Let's delve into why owners of virtual phone numbers might find themselves needing to modify their call destination numbers and explore some real-world examples of how this functionality is leveraged by companies.
Why Change the Call Forwarding Destination?

Geographic Flexibility: Businesses often operate across multiple locations or expand into new markets.

Changing the call forwarding destination allows them to route calls to different offices or branches based on the caller's location or time zone, providing localized customer service and enhancing accessibility.

Business Hours and Availability: Many businesses have specific operating hours. Outside these hours, calls can be forwarded to an alternate number, such as a dedicated support team or an after-hours answering service.

This ensures that customers receive assistance or information promptly, even outside regular business hours.

Seasonal or Temporary Needs: During peak seasons or special events, businesses may experience fluctuations in call volumes.

Adjusting call forwarding destinations enables them to distribute incoming calls efficiently, preventing overload and ensuring prompt customer support.

Remote Work Arrangements: With the rise of remote work, employees may not always be available at their desk phones.

Call forwarding allows calls to be redirected to mobile devices or alternative numbers, ensuring that remote workers remain reachable and responsive.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or technical issues, businesses can quickly reroute calls to backup numbers or contingency plans, minimizing disruptions to communication and operations.

Real-World Examples

E-commerce Platforms:
  • Online retailers often experience surges in customer inquiries during sales events or product launches.

  • By dynamically changing call forwarding destinations, e-commerce platforms can ensure that calls are routed to available customer service representatives or outsourced call centers, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Service Providers:
  • Telecom companies, internet service providers, and utility companies frequently utilize virtual phone numbers to manage customer inquiries and service requests.

  • Call forwarding enables them to efficiently distribute calls among different departments or service centers based on workload and expertise, optimizing response times and service quality.

Consulting Firms:
  • Consulting firms operating across multiple time zones or serving clients globally rely on flexible call forwarding to streamline communication.

  • By adjusting call destinations according to consultants' availability and client preferences, these firms ensure seamless collaboration and responsiveness, regardless of geographic constraints.

Healthcare Providers:
  • Healthcare organizations leverage virtual phone numbers to facilitate patient communication and appointment scheduling.

  • Call forwarding allows them to route calls to various departments, clinics, or on-call medical professionals, ensuring timely access to healthcare services and support.

  • In conclusion, the ability to change the call forwarding destination for virtual phone numbers offers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness in today's dynamic business landscape.

  • By adapting to changing circumstances, businesses can optimize communication, enhance customer service, and maintain operational resilience, ultimately driving growth and success in an increasingly interconnected world.


What is a Ring To Number?

The 'ring to' number is the phone number you want your calls forwarded to.

It is also known as a call 'destination number'.

For example if you want your calls forwarded to a phone number in India, that number in India would be your 'ring to' or destination number.

You can instantly change your 'ring to' number online, 24 hours a day from any Internet connection.

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