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International Callback Service - Questions


International Callback Service - Questions


International Callback Service

International Callback Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need special equipment to use CALLback?

No, you do not need any special equipment. You only need to be able to dial the U.S. access number with a touch tone phone.

From that point on everything is automated and you will be instructed on exactly what to do by voice prompts.

How does the system know where to send the callback?

The CALLback switch (computer) is programmed to send the US dial-tone back to your pre-registered call back number. Each callback number receives a private US access number.

The system will even send 'tone' signals for your extension number (if you have an auto attendant PBX) or you can record a greeting asking the call to be tranfered to your room or extension.

How do I pay for the service?

Amex, VISA, Mastercard and JCB credit cards are accepted. Usage charges are billed directly to the credit card once a month. There are no taxes, monthly fees or start up fees or any other charges or fees of any kind. It's actual per minute usage only.

Customers receive a comprehensive monthly call detail statement sent by postal mail. Call details include; date, time, call duration, origination number, destination number, cost of each call, total charges for the usage period.

Customers also have the free option to see their call history online.

Can I change my "callback" number from a new location?

Yes, you can change your "callback" number remotely from a touch tone telephone or by login to your account via the web.

How can using CALLback be less expensive than using the local monopoly service?

Making an international call from any country to the USA is much more expensive than calling from the U.S. to that country.

CALLback makes it possible for you to reverse your call. By using the call strategy with CALLback, you are effectively "re-originating" your call FROM the USA. Hence the low rates.

How is the sound and line quality if the calls are routed through the USA?

CALLback directs international call traffic through the fiber-optic networks of the largest telecommunications carriers in the USA. Due to this you'll receive the same high quality service that U.S. citizens have always enjoyed. Most customers find CALLback quality to be superior to the local PTT service in their country.

Why is it a FREE call to dial the U.S. access number and to get a callback?

As far as your local phone company is concerned, this is a free call because it is not answered by our system. To signal for a callback, you dial your assigned (private) U.S. access number and hang up after hearing the first ring.

Your access number is unique to your account and is programmed along with your call-back number. Our system is designed to detect your access call and then deliver a U.S. dial-tone back to your registered callback phone number.

Can I trigger a callback using the web?

Yes, we have a special web page for you to login and request an immediate callback.

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International Callback Service - Questions


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International Callback Service - Questions