International Callback | How It Works

International Callback Service - How It Works


International Callback Service - How It Works


International Callback Service

International Callback Service - How It Works

An Example of how to make a Callback Call:

Let's assume you are located in France and you want to call Japan. (or call from any country - to any country)

#1 Dial a U.S. phone number (a private number assigned to your account only) and hang up immediately when you hear the ring starting..

This is a free call because the call to our callback computer is

#2 The system hears this 'signal' call and within a few seconds send you a call with a United States telephone connection.

When you get the call, you can then dial out as if your were sitting in the US making the call.

Using Speed Dial Codes with your callback service

You can either enter the long version of the number or you have the option of creating a two digit speed dial code any often called phone number. We recommend speed dials on the sign up form.

Speed dials make using our callback service very easy. For example, if you were calling Japan, you could either enter 011819021392187 (not a working number) or you could simply enter this two digit code: [ 1 # ] Which would you rather do ?

Your account permits you to store up to 99 speed dial codes.

Your credit card is billed monthly at CALLback rates instead of high local telco rates. The account is not prepaid, it is postpaid at the beginning of every month for any usage during the period.

You can make calls using this strategy FROM any country TO any country.

How do you get this service ?

Cl;ick on the signup button and complete the form.

To view all rates, click the 'rates' button below.

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International Callback Service - Sign Up Form

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Using International Callback - How It Works


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International Callback | How It Works