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Callback Services

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International Callback Service

Call Back Service

Callback Services

How does using a callback service save you money ?

For example purposes, we use a call made from Thailand to the United Kingdom

Method A: Shows making a call using the traditional method of using the
local Thai long distance phone company.

Method B: Making the same call using the U.S. based callback service company.

Method A) Direct Dial Call From Thailand to the UK
Call Back Service 1

Method B) Same Call Using Our Callback Service
Callback Service 2

From the U.S., it costs $0.11 (11 cents) a minute to call Thailand,
and $0.04 (4 cents) a minute to call England. The total cost is $0.15
a minute (compared to $0.70 a minute using the Thai Telco).

Callback service company works by "bridging" these two calls together
automatically and behind the scenes. The user is not aware of this
connection process because it is transparent. The call is processed and the
customer is billed at the lower "callback service"

This represents a savings of 78% on this one call example.
Rates as of January 2004.

Call Back Services. Here you will find a basic understanding of how callback service saves money by routing your call through the USA.

We offer
Call Back services to customers located in 240 countries.

Call Back Services

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International Callback Basics | Economics of Callback Services

Call Back Service Basics | Call Back Services Economics

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Call Back Service Basics | Call Back Services Economics

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