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Remove the Obstacle of Geography
Be Located Anywhere

You can cross connect globally using our services with Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, European Union, Middle East, North America, Oceania, the Caribbean and South America.

Expanded Global Conferencing

If you are planning a call with participants located in the EU, the Expanded service will work well for you with access numbers throughout Europe. If your call has attendees located in Asian countries, the Legacy service offers more toll-free access numbers throughout Asia.

The Expanded Service has toll-free access numbers in many faraway countries. This may help you accommodate participants that otherwise might not be able to attend your meeting.

Expanded International Conference Call bridge has 150 Global Dial-in Numbers.

Legacy Global Conferencing

If your call has attendees located in Asian countries, the Legacy service offers more toll-free access numbers throughout Asia and other global locales.

Legacy International Conference Call bridge has Global Dial-in Numbers Accessible from 119 Countries.

Global Call Forwarding

International Virtual Phone Numbers

Instantly Forward Calls Worldwide
Your new phone number seamlessly forwards calls to any mobile phone, landline or VoIP/SIP globally.

Own and control a phone number in another country such as USA, UAE, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, Nigeria, Italy, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and 1000s more global cities.

Services that perform well, guaranteed

aitelephone saves time

High Value Services

We offer high value services at competitive rates, as opposed to offering services that look good but then waste your time.

High value to us means the service actually works as we advertised and will not disappoint you.

Service Reliability

     24/7 Customer Support
Competitive Pricing
Accurate and Easy to Understand Billing
User-friendliness (easy or no learning curve)
Superior Global Line Quality
     Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Why use aitelephone?

You will find our services work better than those offered by companies that spend a Billion dollars a year advertising on TV, the Internet and in magazines.

Customer surveys report the main incentives of dealing with aitelephone are: time savings, economics and old school personalized service.  Usually one of these items is a deal maker for new customers.

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