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Phone Forwarding Service offers International Local City and Toll Free Call forwarding numbers.

Virtual Phone Numbers are accessible to callers within a specific city or in the case of a toll-free number, from that entire country.

For example, you can own a local phone number in USA, Canada, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., that will divert your calls to your fixed landline or mobile phone or PBX number in any country.

Virtual Phone Forwarding

Virtual Number Call Forwarding

Phone Forwarding Service Global Solution

Whether you need to forward your callers to the U.S. or any country, a virtual phone number is the solution.

  • Choose a Toll Free or Local City Virtual Number
  • 150+ country options
  • Call forwarded to any country
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Fax Forwarding
  • Customized Greetings
  • Unlimited PBX/IVR Extensions
  • Create a Hotline by Uploading an Audio File
  • Local Ring Tones
  • Optional time of day routing
  • Highest quality global line connections
  • Simultaneous ringing up to 10 phones in different countries

Virtual phone numbers are actually real phone numbers that will send callers to any other phone number worldwide. Your incoming calls can be forwarded instantly to a landline, mobile, fax line or call center globally.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Number Convenience

Virtual phone numbers are accessible for both you and your callers. Your virtual phone number can be a local number or a toll-free number, so no matter where you or your office is located, you can stay connected and accessible.

For example, let's assume you want to advertise in France but you do not have an office in France nor a France phone number. We will provide you with your own local France phone number so that your customers or associates can dial a 'local' France number and the call will be redirected to your phone in any country.

When someone dials your virtual phone number, your desired call destination phone number will ring in any country. You can change this ring-to number at any time, as well as add or remove additional country virtual phone numbers to your account.

Activating and using a virtual phone number requires no equipment or installation.

Phone Forwarding Service Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including the following:

1 Your Virtual Phone Number

Your account number and PIN and Login Portal link enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' number 24/7

  • View call details in real time

  • Manage your account preferences

Create an Exclusive Phone Forwarding Service for Your Important International Customers

Communicating with customers that are based in another country can be a daunting task for many reasons. One of which is providing an easy way for those clients, customers an off-shore associates to be able to have a real time phone call with you or your company headquarters when necessary.

Creating a special phone connection is one way to do this.

Here's how:

Get Global Virtual Phone Number for the Countries Your Most Important Clients Reside In

Global virtual phone numbers are a type of call forwarding number that are specific to certain countries.

For example, if you have three larger customers based in UAE, Costa Rica, and Austria, you'll may want to set-up a virtual phone number for each of these countries to send their calls instantly your phone number in your own country.

Remove the Geographic Barrier to Off-shore Business

Now, each client will have a familiar local or in-country toll free phone number they can use to reach you. It's no longer necessary for them to dial country exit codes, your country code and phone number, or a lengthy international calling card number just to reach you. Despite geographic distances, you will always be just a local phone call away.

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Call Forwarding Service Sends Calls to Any Phone or VoIP/SIP Globally.

Many of customers use a virtual phone number as a method to create a local presence in a country without a physical office. Or to establish a phone number in a country for easy access for clients, associates or family calls.

» Global Call Forwarding
» Small Country Use

Own and Control a Global Phone Number

Global Phone Forwarding Service

Many countries have advanced telecommunication systems, but as with most of countries, the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Service does not permit call forwarding beyond a country's border.

This means if you want to own a phone number in your country and choose to have the phone calls divert to another country, you cannot do so using the phone numbers assigned by the (PTT)

Get Calls Out Of Your Country

Our phone forwarding service provides a solution to the international call forwarding requirement and
assists you to own and control a phone number with international call forwarding capabilities.

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Get a Virtual Phone Number
In Any of These Serviced Countries

Example of Phone Forwarding Service Use in a Small Country

Malta is a small country. It is has no countries that are directly adjacent to Malta because Malta is completely surrounded by water and has no natural land connections to other countries. Looking at the map of Europe, Malta lies just 58 miles South of Sicily (Italy) in Southern Europe and roughly 186 miles North from the North African coast. Malta is an island nation that consists of three islands: main island Malta, Gozo and Comino. The country's official languages are Maltese and English. Here's a quick look at a use case for virtual phone numbers in Malta.

Malta Virtual Phone Numbers Forwarding Calls to the United States

A US company with textile operations in Malta has established a local virtual phone number that rings to its US Phone Forwarding Serviceheadquarters. By getting a virtual number for Malta, local Malta based employees and associates can easily call their colleagues in the United States simply by placing a local call. This eliminates the friction associated with international phone calls such as operator assistance, country codes, international long distance charges, and so forth. It also allows the company to save money on its international calls thanks to our incredibly low per minute international rates.

When a call is placed using the Malta virtual phone number, it is automatically routed to the firm's US office. Optionally and included is an auto attendant that answers the call, greets callers, and prompts them to enter the appropriate extension. The same virtual Malta phone number also receives international faxes, forwarding them to a designated email address.

Using Malta Call Forwarding with International Partners

With a great deal of foreign investment in the country, Malta business professionals must often interact with foreign investors. To make it easier for investors to contact them, many order virtual phone numbers local to their partners' countries and set up their main phone number in Malta as the "ring to" number. Thus, an investor in South Korea, for example, can easily initiate a call to the Malta business by dialing a local phone number in South Korea. However, that phone call will actually ring to the business in Malta. The experience to the caller is similar to placing a local call to a company in South Korea, except the phone is answered in Malta.

Since the Malta business has full control over the virtual number and its features, it can specify how calls are handled such as by routing calls from South Korea to specific employees or setting up time of day forwarding rules.

Get Your Own Malta Virtual Phone Number (or any of 150+ Country Numbers)

Whether using Malta virtual phone numbers to make cheap international calls to a branch office or headquarters in another country or to facilitate friction-free international phone calls with foreign investors, our global call forwarding plans offer advanced features and flexibility without a contract. As you can see with this one example for Malta, perhaps a virtual phone number can be a solution to your own international communication requirement.

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