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We offer two versions of Call Forwarding:

What is a Virtual Phone Number

A Virtual Phone Number is an assigned phone number, either toll free or local toll, that when dialed, rings to a primary customer phone number. AIT provides Virtual Phone Numbers in hundreds of area codes in the U.S. In addition AIT provides virtual phone numbers in scores of international countries and provinces.

In other words, a virtual phone number is any number that forwards a call to another number. All call forwarding services, whether the call is being redirected and terminated domestically or internationally, must use a virtual phone number as part of the call forwarding process.

Virtual Phone Number - Savings

There can be tremendous savings to the caller phoning you from your chosen area code or virtual phone number choice.

Some of AIT's customers use a virtual phone number to provide a free and easy way for their customers, family or associates to call them no matter where they are located.

Other AIT customers use a virtual phone number for themselves to be able to easily call back to their home or offices while away on a trip or assignment.

Of course, one of the most historically great uses of a vitual phone number is to offer a 'toll free' virtual number to your customers.

AIT provides toll free virtual phone numbers in the U.S. and also country specific toll free numbers in 40 countries. So, for example, if you have a business in Italy, AIT can supply you with an Italian toll free number accessible throughout Italy providing free calls for your callers.

Your customers in Italy that call your Italy toll free virtual phone number will be automatically redirected back to your office inside the U.S. or any other country for that matter.

Virtual Phone Number - Residential Uses

As an example, you may live in New York and have a son or daughter going to college on the west coast or in France. If you have a virtual phone number within the college's area code, any call your student makes to that Virtual Phone Number is automatically routed to your main phone line and is a free call for your son or daughter. The call can be forwarded to your home in the U.S. or if you are in another country, any phone number worldwide.

Another use for a virtual phone number is to provide an easy method for you to call back to the U.S. if you are travelling or on assignment.

For example, you will be in Spain for an extended period of time. Instead of buying a Spain prepaid calling card or even less desirable, being concerned about the hotels long distance charges, simply get a virtual phone number in the city that you are travelling to. Then you can dial your local Spain virtual phone number to call home or back to your office, in any country.

Virtual Phone Number - Business Uses

Virtual phone numbers can be used by businesses to save their customers money. We all use them, all the time. For example, when you call an airline to make a plane reservation, you dial a virtual phone number.

Examples of U.S. Virtual Toll Free Numbers:

1-800-433-7300 Amercan Airlines
1-800-466-5463 AOL
1-800-475-7840 Bell Atlantic

Virtual Phone Numbers = Local Presence

Virtual Phone Numbers allow a business to advertise a local presence in a geographic area without physically having an office there. As an example, suppose you are a snow board manufacturer based in Texas while your larger retailers are located in Denver CO, Seattle WA, Minneapolis MN or even Switzerland.

You could sign up for four Virtual Phone Numbers, with the area code of the four different cities of your primary out of state business activity. You could advertise those four numbers in those four markets. Now, your biggest customer base never has to dial long distance to place an order.

How does it work ?

Virtual Numbers work like email address aliases. In the same way that you can have more than one email address point to the same email account, you can have more than one virtual number that rings to your primary number. For example, you could have a New York virtual number and a UK virtual number both 'ring to' the same number at your office in 'any' country.

How Can I Get a Virtual Number ?

Determine what it is you require, either a 'toll free' number that is accessible from an entire country or region, or a local number in a specific worldwide city.

Once you've decided on your requirement for call forwarding, click on either of the two links below for more detailed information:
We offer two versions of Call Forwarding:

Virtual phone numbers can be used by businesses to save their customers money. We all use them, all the time. For example, when you call an airline to make a plane reservation, you dial a virtual toll free phone number.

A Virtual Local Phone Number essentially eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number’s area code or local worldwide city where that local number resides.

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Virtual Phone Number | Call Forwarding

Virtual Phone Number | Call Forwarding

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