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Attended Call Transfer and Unattended Call Transfer for the Call Center


Attended Call Transfer for the Call Center

Attended Call Transfer and Unattended Call Transfer for the Call Center

What is the Attended Call Transfer option?

This unique feature 'Attended Call Transfer' applies to a range of applications for a call center

Multinational corporations or call centers with complex customer profiles can now transfer customer calls to a different call center even if it happens to be located in a different country or network.

Types of Call Transfers

Attended Call Transfer
Types of Call TransfersThis feature allows the call center agent to put the incoming call on hold, dial a pre-programmed digit sequence (programmable by the account owner) to reach a different department or call center located anywhere in the world, and then transfer the customer call on hold to that new agent or choose to return to that original call on hold.

Unattended Call Transfer
This feature only allows the call center agent to transfer a customer call to a different location or call center (without having to check first with the secondary call center) by using a pre-programmed digit sequence.

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Attended Call Transfer Uses

1 A call center that receives calls from customers on a variety of topics may require transferring calls to a different call center with specific expertise.

2 Call centers that may need specific and immediate answers to customer questions and need to reach an emergency center for assistance.

3 Call centers that need an immediate escalation of a customer issue by reaching a special service center.

4 Call centers that need to transfer customer calls to a second layer sales group for offering a different service or product.

5 Transferring customer calls to an automated or attended customer survey center.


Attended Call Transfer Uses

How to activate this feature

Customers can activate attended call transfer through the Advanced IVR set up menu in the online control panel which is included with your account activation.

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What if I need help setting up Attended Call Transfer feature?

Customers can manage this option themselves through their account control dashboard once account is activated.

In addition, tech support will help.

Tech Support is here to assist you
To receive free individual assistance, please contact our technical support center for more information or to completely set up your specific application at no charge.

Call Center Business Benefits

Quick transfers. Redirect phone calls with a few keystrokes.

Enable callers to connect to specific individuals or departments fast.

Unattended call transfers are the most fluid method to transfer calls.

Reduce or eliminate talk time. Put active calls on hold and reduce the time needed to talk to the intended party.

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Attended call transfer and unattended call transfer used with international virtual phone numbers and the call center

The Attended Call Transfer option is included with any virtual number you choose from the global database.

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Attended Call Transfer and Unattended Call Transfer for the Call Center