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Toll Free Call Forwarding International | Specifications

CallMe 800

Toll Free Call Forwarding Specifications 


  • International Toll Free Numbers - 80 country and territory choices

  • Call forward from your assigned toll free number to any landline or cell phone worldwide.

  • No Charge for Incomplete or Busy Signal Calls - There is no connection fee or charges for incomplete or busy calls.

  • Multiple Simultaneous Call Handling (Free) - This feature allows you to forward multiple calls simultaneously to the same phone number. It is a free feature for those customers with a PBX or hunt group enabling multiple call forwarding instances at the same phone number.

  • Customized Greeting - This feature allows customers to record a customized greeting to their line free of charge. The recorded greeting will be played after a caller dials the designated phone number and before the forwarding number starts ringing.

  • Vanity Numbers - Optionally, find your own vanity number that will be easy to remember (available only for U.S. Toll Free numbers. Additional $10 set up fee per number.

  • Caller ID included

  • Time of day routing option - With this advanced Forwarding feature you can choose to forward your calls to different phone numbers or to your voice mail depending on the time of the day. Modify for any day of the week.

  • Voice Mail option - If you activate the Voice Mail option, calls can go to voice mail if there is no answer or you can choose to send all calls directly to your Voice Mail (do not disturb). Alternatively, you could choose to forward all your voice mail calls to an e-mail account and receive an audio voice file in any email inbox.

  • Fast and Clear Connections - Callers are connected quickly, no long call forwarding processing delay

  • No minimum monthly usage requirements

  • The is a month-to-month service, no long term comittment

  • No cancellation fee

  • No added taxes

  • No surcharges

  • Emailed Monthly Account Statement Included - You'll receive a monthly statement by e-mail with all account activity and call details.

  • Online account access. Make changes to your call forwarding number (ring to number) in real time. You can change your forwarding (ring to) phone number at any time using the Internet or over the phone when you travel to different places.

  • Account Management Portal - Full featured on-line account management. Easily modify or edit your account details or features.

  • Easy Payment Options - Pay by credit card, or pre-pay by wire transfer, Western Union or PayPal.

Availability - Fees & Rates

When you sign up for the CallMe800 service, you will receive a unique Toll Free Number. This means that your callers will not be asked to enter a PIN or extension.

Your assigned Toll Free number is your 'private' number not a shared number. It's assigned only for your private use and distribution.

You can buy a toll free number located in thee USA, Canada or over 80 other territories or countries.

When your toll free number is dialed (by a friend, colleague, customer or a relative), the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number through the highest quality telecommunications network available. Your 'ring to' number can be located anywhere, worldwide.
Business use:

If your company has clients located in a different country, the CallMe800 service will allow these clients to call you at no charge to them.

Your toll free number will help remove the obstacle that a long distance call presents to the caller. You will most likely do more business with a toll free number.
Personal use:

If you travel to different countries, toll free call forwarding can make your life easier.

The CallMe800 forwarding service allows you to give your customers, associates, family and friends a personalized toll free number where they can reach regardless of what country you might be in at the moment.

Click here to check for Rates and Country Availability

CallMe 800 service is billed to a credit card monthly. It is a month-to-month service, there is no long term commitment is required.

Upon account activation, you will receive complete user instructions including the following:

Your private toll free number located in the country you selected.
Your PIN (to make preference changes to your account online)
3 Web login link. Make online modifications to your account 24/7.

Buy a private toll free call forwarding number in any of the available 80 countries and territories.

Own a Toll Free Call Forwarding number inside the country where your callers are located.

Have your calls forwarded to any phone you desire, worldwide.

Toll Free numbers are accessible to callers from within the toll free country you request.

As an example, if you choose to own a
Japan toll free number it will be accessible for callers located 'inside' the boundaries of Japan and can be redirected to any phone number you choose worldwide, mobile or landline.

Click here to view Toll Free Countries, Rates and Sign Up Form
Click here to view available toll free countries, per minute rates and Sign Up Form

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Call Forwarding Specifications  | International Call Forwarding

CallMe 800 Specifications | International Call Forwarding

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