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U.S. cities with the highest international telecommunications traffic

According to some past reports and studies, the following US cities are considered to be major hubs for international telecommunications traffic:

New York City: As one of the largest cities in the world and a major financial hub, New York City is a major hub for international telecommunications traffic. It has direct connections to many countries, including those in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Miami: Miami is a major hub for telecommunications traffic to and from Latin America and the Caribbean. It has direct connections to many countries in the region, including Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles is a major hub for telecommunications traffic to and from Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea, and China. It also has direct connections to many countries in Latin America.

Chicago: Chicago is a major hub for telecommunications traffic to and from Europe, with direct connections to many countries in the region. It is also a major hub for traffic to and from Canada.

Atlanta: Atlanta is a major hub for telecommunications traffic to and from Africa and the Middle East. It has direct connections to many countries in the region, including Nigeria and South Africa.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change based on new developments and changing trends in the telecommunications industry.
How to Set Up Canada Virtual Phone Number to Divert Calls to a France Phone Number

How to Create a Phone Line for Your Most Important International Callers

Working with international clients has its communication challenges. Not only might you have language or cultural barriers to overcome, even the simple act of making a phone call is more complex due to time zone differences and the nuances of making international phone calls.

If the client has an urgent matter to discuss, you'll want to remove as much friction and obstacles in reaching you as possible. Creating a VIP telephone connection is one way to do this. Here's how.

Buy a Phone Number in the Country where your callers are located

Global virtual phone numbers are a type of call forwarding number that are specific to certain countries. For example, if you have three VIP clients located in UK, Hong Kong, and Portugal, you may want to own a virtual phone number for each country and set up each number to call forward to your phone number in your own country or to your existing VoIP address.

Now, each of your clients has a local or in-country toll free phone number they can use to reach you. It's no longer necessary for them to make an international call including dialing country exit codes, your country code and phone number, or a lengthy international calling card number just to reach you. With a virtual phone number, despite geographic distances, you will always be just a local phone call away.

Set Up Your Call Forwarding Options

Our international call forwarding numbers include numerous features such as time of day routing, sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing, voice mail to email, fax forwarding, and more. Since you’ll be using your virtual number with VIP clients, set up your call forwarding options to ensure the calls ring to the phone (or phones) you're most likely to answer.

For example, the time-of-day routing feature will forward calls to specific phones based on the time of day. You could set it to ring to your office phone during business hours, your mobile phone during lunch and breaks, and your home phone for after hours calls.

If your schedule is less predictable, you could set up either sequential or simultaneous ringing. With sequential ringing, your designated phones will ring one after the other, if not answered. With simultaneous ringing, they will all ring at the same time.

If you're concerned about middle-of-the-night phone calls, time-of-day routing can send calls directly to voicemail while you sleep. If you need to be available day and night and if your home phone supports individual ring tones, you could create a specific ring tone for your global phone numbers so you can tell if it’s a client call.

Getting a virtual phone number for your international customers does more than just reduce geographical and sales obstacles.

Having a global virtual phone number can benefit your business in many ways.

It can help you establish a local presence in a new market, which can make your business appear more credible and trustworthy to potential customers.

It can also make it easier for your international clients to contact you, as they can simply dial a local number rather than having to place an international call.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, a global virtual phone number can allow you to route calls to different locations or to different phone numbers based on the location of the caller, which can be a useful tool for managing a distributed customer service team.

We provide global local and toll free phone numbers for 160 countries around the world with included advanced call forwarding features. You can buy a virtual phone number on a month-to-month basis for temporary or long term use.
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