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International Call Forwarding How It Works

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Call Forwarding How it Works

Virtual Phone Numbers for Smart Businesses

Global Call Forwarding, also known as an International Call Forwarding or Virtual Phone Number service, enables you to activate your own local phone number or toll free phone number in your choice of 160 countries and instantly divert those calls to any phone worldwide.

If you haven't already, view our global virtual number database here.

We currently offer local numbers and toll free numbers in 160 countries and 1000s of cities around the world.

Perfect for getting your calls from international customers or a new geographical market you are now targeting with advertising.
Global call forwarding - How it Works
Our global call forwarding or international call forwarding system is designed mainly for businesses to establish virtual presence around the world by activating local or toll-free numbers. These local or toll-free numbers act as a local point of contact and redirect incoming calls to any phone number in the world.

For example, if your business is located in the UK and you wish to establish a local point of contact or phone presence in the US, Germany, Spain and UAE, or any of 160 different countries, our virtual number service can provide local or toll-free phone numbers in these countries. They can all 'ring to' your UK headquarters office line.

View video of how to easily navigate the database of global virtual phone numbers.
Once the numbers are activated, all calls made to these numbers in those countries will be redirected to the UK company’s offices or a specific call center that you designate to receive these calls. A virtual phone number will instantly divert calls to a mobile, landline, PBX, VoIP or Call Center in any country.

Virtual number service also comes with a highly scalable set of innovative features that add extra value to the local or toll free phone numbers beyond their primary benefits.

The ability to forward calls is very important for businesses and for frequent travelers. Rather than having to leave outgoing messages to people asking them to call a different number, it is much easier to simply forward calls to another line. If you forward your calls, you will not need to worry about missing important communications.

Add the Outbound Calling option to your virtual number. Make international calls using VoIP and free softphone. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop. You can use one of the local or toll free numbers you purchased from us as your Caller ID for your outbound calls.

How global call forwarding works

Global call forwarding works by routing phone calls to a different location or country than the one where the call originated. There are a few different ways that this can be accomplished:

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) - With DID, a caller dials a local number to reach a specific extension or phone number in a different location. The local number is connected to a DID provider, which then forwards the call to the desired extension or phone number.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - A VPN allows calls to be routed through a secure, private network. The call is first sent to the VPN, which then forwards the call to the desired location.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - VoIP allows phone calls to be made over the internet. When a call is made using VoIP, it is sent over the internet to the desired location.

International Call Forwarding - International call forwarding routes calls to a different country. This can be accomplished using a variety of methods, such as DID, VPN, or VoIP.

Domestic Call Forwarding - Domestic call forwarding routes a call to a phone within the same country. This can also be accomplished using a variety of methods, such as DID, VPN, or VoIP.

Mobile Call Forwarding - Mobile call forwarding routes calls to a mobile phone. This can be accomplished by setting up call forwarding on the mobile phone itself or by using our call forwarding service.

Ring Group Call Forwarding - Ring group call forwarding routes calls to a group of phones, with the call ringing each phone in turn until someone answers. This can be accomplished using a variety of methods, such as DID, VPN, or VoIP.

Option to use a VoIP address to receive forwarded phone calls

Example of VoIP call forwarding

To view monthly plans using VoIP as your 'ring to' destination, select VOIP/SIP as a call destination in Step 2 (per the example above)


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a popular technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls using the internet instead of traditional phone lines. One of the many benefits of VoIP is the ability to receive phone calls on your VoIP address. This can be especially useful for individuals who want to keep their personal and professional phone numbers separate or who frequently travel or work remotely.


To use your VoIP address to receive phone calls, you first need to set up your VoIP account and register your device. This typically involves downloading and installing a VoIP app or software, configuring your account settings, and connecting your device to the internet. Once your account is active, you can then set up call forwarding to automatically route incoming calls to your VoIP address.


There are several advantages to using your VoIP address to receive phone calls. For one, it allows you to maintain a professional image by using a separate phone number for work-related calls. This can also help you to better manage your workload and stay organized, as you can easily distinguish between personal and work calls.


Another benefit of using your VoIP address to receive phone calls is the ability to access your phone number from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially useful for individuals who travel frequently or work remotely, as they can receive calls on their VoIP address regardless of their physical location. Additionally, VoIP technology typically offers advanced call management features, such as voicemail-to-email transcription and call recording, that can further enhance productivity and efficiency.


Overall, using your VoIP address to receive phone calls is a convenient and effective way to manage your phone communications. With the right setup and configuration, you can easily receive calls on your VoIP address and enjoy the many benefits of this innovative technology.

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