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International Call Forwarding | How it Works


CallMe 800 How it Works

International Toll Free Numbers, International Local Numbers for easy Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding | How it WorksCallMe 800 forwards calls to any telephone number, in any country.

Upon account activation, you are assigned a private toll-free number that is accessible from the serviced country that you choose.

See the sign up form for a current list of serviced countries. Callers in that country, simply dial your private toll free number. The call is automatically forwarded to your pre-programmed 'ring to' telephone number.

Caller ID

Caller ID is transmitted and is a free feature with your account,
see what phone number is calling you.

Call Connection Speed

There are no codes or PIN numbers for the caller to enter.

The caller in the U.S. or any of the 70 serviced countries available, dials your private toll-free number and the call is
quickly connected to your designated telephone number located anywhere worldwide.


Account usage is billed to a credit card monthly. A monthly billing statement is provided listing each call including call duration, date and time of call and cost of each call. You can view your call usage 24 hours a day by login to your customer portal. Online viewing of monthly statements is a free option.

How do you get this service ?

Simply complete the sign up form. Your account will be activated and user instructions emailed to you.

International Call Forwarding: Upon account activation, you are sent a toll-free number that is accessible from within the country your choose.

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International Call Forwarding | How it Works