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Macedonia Virtual Number International Call Divert - Macedonia’s mobile market dominated by two MNOs. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia) has been a European Union (EU) candidate country since 2005.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Macedonia Mobile Accessible

How it WorksMacedonia Virtual Number Call Forwarding - How It Works Diagram

Accessible across all landline and mobile networks in Macedonia without the need for any special international accessibility from the callers phone.

Macedonia Mobile Numbers are very popular because they empower your family, friends and business associates in Macedonia to call you within their regular mobile plan without worrying about overspending.

Customer Comment
"I needed a mobile Macedonia phone number when traveling to register with local businesses and use for taxis, etc. Thanks!"

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Enjoy Macedonia toll free numbers with less restrictions and lower overall pricing. Now with call recording option.

Virtual Number Macedonia - Specifications and Rates

Macedonia mobile accessible virtual numbers


No minimum usage requirement


No added taxes


Cancel at any time - the plans are month-to-month


Call recording option


Enjoy online account access

  • Change options and personal preferences 24/7

  • Make changes to your call forwarding number (ring to number) in real time

  • View call details and billing history


Choose from five different plans.

Each plan has included call forwarding minutes.


What you pay:

You pay the call forwarding rate from your Macedonia Virtual Number to your 'ring to' telephone number.

Your 'ring to' number can be located in any country.

Calls can be forwarded to a mobile phone or landline, fax, PBX and VoIP.

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Macedonia International Call Forwarding =
Macedonia Virtual Phone Numbers for
Call Forwarding from Macedonia to any phone worldwide

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Virtual phone number Macedonia includes
mobile accessibility

Own a Macedonia virtual phone number that automatically diverts Macedonia calls to any phone in any country.

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database as of 2/9/2018

Screen Capture Macedonia Virtual Number database as of 2/9/2018

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Macedonia Virtual Phone Number

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Recent Macedonia Virtual Phone Number activations and routes

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Basic Macedonia to UNITED STATES
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Basic Australia, Brisbane to Macedonia
Basic San Francisco, California, US to Macedonia
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Power Bahrain to Macedonia
Basic Vancouver, Canada to Macedonia
Basic Dallas, Texas, US to Macedonia
Value Macedonia to SINGAPORE
Basic Macedonia (Toll Free) to PAKISTAN
Basic US (Toll Free) to Macedonia
Basic Beijing, China to Macedonia
Basic Perth, Australia to Macedonia
Value Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Macedonia
Basic Buenos Aires, Argentina to Macedonia
Basic Copenhagen, Denmark to Macedonia
Basic Chicago, Illinois, US to Macedonia
Basic Nicosia, Cyprus to Macedonia
Power Montreal, Canada to Macedonia
Value Vienna, Austria to Macedonia
Power Warsaw, Poland to Macedonia
Basic Vietnam (Toll Free) to Macedonia
Basic Seoul, South Korea to Macedonia
Basic Moscow, Russia to Macedonia
Basic Toronto, Canada to Macedonia
Basic New York City, New York, US to Macedonia
Value Denver, Colorado US to Macedonia
Basic Cape Town, South Africa to Macedonia
Basic Madrid, Spain to Macedonia
Basic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Macedonia
Basic Macedonia to Mumbai, India
Basic Macedonia to the UK
Basic Mexico City, Mexico to Macedonia
Basic Manchester, UK to Macedonia
Basic Bogota, Colombia to Macedonia
Power Bern, Switzerland to Macedonia
Basic Miami, Florida, US to Macedonia
Basic Macedonia to UNITED STATES
Basic Macedonia to HONG KONG
Value Jakarta, Indonesia to Macedonia
Basic Osaka, Japan to Macedonia
Basic Washington DC, US to Macedonia
Basic Oman (Toll Free) to Macedonia
Basic Melbourne, Australia to Macedonia
Basic Panama City, Panama to Macedonia

Basic Taipei, Taiwan to Macedonia
Basic Qatar (Toll Free) to Macedonia
Basic Ankara, Turkey to Macedonia
Basic Singapore, (National) to Macedonia
Basic Houston, Texas, US to Macedonia
Basic Frankfurt, Germany to Macedonia
Value Phoenix, Arizona, US to Macedonia
Basic Auckland, New Zealand to Macedonia
Value Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Macedonia
Basic Lima, Peru to Macedonia
Basic Lyon, France to Macedonia
Basic Bahamas (Toll Free) to Macedonia
Basic Hong Kong (National) to Macedonia
Value Prague, Czech Republic to Macedonia
Basic Dubai, UAE to Macedonia
Basic London, UK to Macedonia
Basic Athens, Greece to Macedonia
Basic Baltimore, Ohio, US to Macedonia
Basic Boston, Massachusetts to Macedonia
Basic Brussels, Belgium to Macedonia
Basic Macedonia to AUSTRALIA
Basic Perth, Australia to Macedonia
Power Firenze, Italy to Macedonia
Basic Las Vegas, Nevada to Macedonia
Basic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Macedonia
Basic Lisbon, Portugal to Macedonia
Power Los Angeles, California, US to Macedonia
Basic Houston, Texas, US to Macedonia
Basic Lund, Sweden to Macedonia
Basic Oslo, Norway to Macedonia
Value Ontario, Canada to Macedonia
Basic San Diego, Calfornia, US to Macedonia
Power Atlanta, Georgia, US to Macedonia
Basic Seattle, Washington, US to Macedonia
Basic San Diego, California, US to Macedonia
Basic Santiago, Chile to Macedonia
Basic Turku, Finland to Macedonia
Basic Philippines (Mobile) to Macedonia
Basic Jerusalem, Israel to Macedonia
Basic Macedonia to AUSTRALIA

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