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How does the system know where to send my calls?

Call Forwarding | Frequently Asked QuestionsYou tell us how to set-up your account on the sign up form.
Our switch (computer) is programmed to automatically forward your calls to your designated 'ring to' number in any country.

How do I pay for the service?

Credit cards accepted, Amex, VISA, MasterCard, Diners and JCB. There are also options to pay using PayPal and Western Union Quick Pay.

Usage charges are billed directly to the credit card once per month. Customers can access a comprehensive monthly account statement online.

Call details include; date, time, call duration, cost of each call, total charges for the usage period.

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Will I receive the Caller ID of the person that is calling me?

Yes, Caller ID is transmitted so you will know what phone number is calling you.

Can I change my 'ring to' number whenever I wish?

Yes, you can change your 'ring to' number online in 'real time'. In other words, the change is effective immediately.

Can I receive faxes from people faxing to my CallMe 800 number?

Technically speaking yes, CallMe 800 service will
forward calls whether it comes from a fax machine or voice line. Since your CallMe 800 number will call forward the fax signal, the important point is that we cannot control the quality of the connection at your local phone company in the country where the fax machine is located. This connection has a great deal to do with the quality of the fax received.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee a successful fax transmission on
every single attempt. There may be times refaxing is required.

Do you provide multiple Toll-Free forwarding numbers?

Yes, many businesses like to have separate numbers for Ordering, Reservations, Fax, Customer Service, etc. Our order form has space for up to four numbers. However once your account number is activated, you can login and add as many numbers as desired.

Does the service accomodate 'simultaneous' calls in case more than one caller dials oir toll free number at the same time?

Yes, simultaneous calls are forwarded and can be received.

Can I cancel the service at anytime?

Yes, simply send us an email or call our office to cancel. There is no cancellation or termination fee.

How is the sound and line quality?

CallMe 800 has excellent line and sound quality because the call is transported using top International Toll Free Service (ITFS) public network carriers, not VoIP.

Who pays for the calls that I receive when people dial my CallMe 800 toll free number?

You do. The subscriber is responsible for all calls that are processed through the toll free number. You are not charged should the "ring to" number not answer. However, if the 'ring to' number has voice mail and a message is left by the caller, this would be a (completed) call.

Is there a monthly minimum or monthly usage requirement?

No, there is no monthly usage requirement. You are charged for actual per minute usage only in addition to any applicable monthly account fee or activation fee. Click here for serviced country account fees.

Can I get a non-toll free local number in another country?

Yes, the service is called CallMyGlobalNumber

How do you get this service?

Simply complete the sign up form. Your account will be activated and user instructions emailed to you.


The system is programmed to automatically call forward and divert your calls quickly to your desired 'ring to' number in any country.

In other words, you can have your new virtual phone number send calls to any phone or VoIP/SIP address globally.

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CallMe 800
International Call Forwarding

Availability - Fees & Rates

CallMe 800 service is is billed to a credit card monthly. It is a month-to-month service, no long term commitment is required.

Some country toll free numbers have a one time set up fee and monthly fee. Other countries may have no set up fee but only a monthly fee.

In addition to a set up fee and monthly fee, there is a per minute rate applied to each call that is forwarded.

Upon account activation

Once your new account is activated, you'll receive an email with your private toll free number and complete user instructions including the following:

Your private toll free number

Your PIN (to make preference changes to account online via login)

3 Web login (url) Change your 'ring to' number online in real time, 24/7

Login to your account and change your email address, credit card information, add additional services, change your 'ring to' number, etc.

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