Flex Plan | How it Works for Cheap International Calls


Flex Plan | How it Works for Cheap International Calls


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Flex Plan | How it Works
How does the Flex Plan work?

This service requires no changes or switching of your current long distance carrier or cell phone provider.

How To Make A Call

The Flex Plan provides cheap international call rates from your U.S. cell phone, landline or any U.S. phone.

1 Dial 1 800 999 5090 or a local U.S. telephone number (we have a look-up link on the sign up form to view local access numbers in your area)

2 Our computer automatically identifies your phone using Caller ID and prompts you to enter the number you wish to call. No PIN is necessary. Your call is processed immediately at super low Flex Plan rates.

Use your iPhone or Blackberry to make cheap international calls.

Flex Plan available on the iPhone App StoreLearn more about the free iPhone App enabling you to easily make cheap international calls from your iPhone.

There are also Free apps for your Blackberry and over 400 other mobile phones available. Click here.

If you like this free iPhone app, you can download it, then check the rates and sign up for a Flex Plan account. This is a free application for iPhone users to place international calls directly from their iPhone device.

Once you've downloaded the application to your iPhone, you do not need to dial toll free access numbers or local access numbers or PIN's anymore to be able to make international calls with your Flex Plan account.

Just dial the international number you want to call as you normally do or use your 'contacts' from your iPhone address book and dial directly. All calls will be routed through your Flex Plan account, at Flex Plan rates. Much better than the alternative !

Click here to earn more about using your Blackberry to make cheap international calls.

How are calls billed when you use the Flex Plan ?

When you make a call from your cell phone or landline, your call is seen by your service provider as a call to a toll free number, 800 999 5090 or a local Flex Plan access number.

As long as you dial the Flex Plan access number first, the call you make does is not go billed by your cell phone company or your local phone company. The call will not appear on your cell phone bill except as 'air time', not long distance. (if you make the call during your "free nights and weekends" time period, then you will not even have any air time use either).

When you make a call first dialing the Flex Plan access number, your call is processed and charged to your Flex Plan account at super low per minute

Switching your long distance carrier is not required.

When you want to save money on a call and use your Flex Plan account, simply dial 1 800 999 5090 or one of the thousands of local access numbers available.

Make it easy, put the Flex Plan access number in speed dial memory in your cell phone or landline phone. Then all you need to do is dial one number to connect to the low rates of the Flex Plan.

No PIN Necessary

When you dial the 1 800 999 5090 access number to make a call, the system will recognize the caller ID of the phone you are using and not ask you for an account number or PIN.

If you use a phone that you
did not register when you signed up, the system will ask for your account number and PIN. And you still get the same low rates. Your account number is your main phone number you entered when you signed up so it's easy to remember. And the PIN is any 4 digits you desire.

Login to View Call Details, 24/7

Once your account is activated, you can login online and view all of the calls you've made. You can also modify account information, add or delete registered phones and make other changes to your account.

How do you get this service ?

Simply complete the sign up form and register your phones. Your account will be activated immediately. (service available for customers in the U.S. and Canada only)

To view ALL 240 country rates click here.

Once your account is activated, use your Flex Plan account by simply dialing 1 800 999 5090 or one of the thousands of local access numbers available across the U.S. and Canada.

Click for Worldwide Rates

AIT and Tel3 bring you the best in International Calling Rates and U.S. Long Distance Rates with the Flex Plan.


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Flex Plan | How it Works for Cheap International Calls