Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex Plan

Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex Plan




Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex Plan 

Why sign up for the Flex Plan ?

There are many reasons. Of course, the main reason is cost savings.

You can save 90% (or more) on U.S. long distance
and international phone calls with the Flex Plan.

The "most important" reasons why you want to get the Flex Plan for making cheap international calls to any country from your cell phone or landline and for making cheap phone calls within the USA or Canada.

Reasons to like the Flex Plan:
Get Free Mobile Apps
Use your Smartphone to make cheap international calls the easy way.
  • Billed to a credit card, has optional auto recharge feature

  • The rates are clean, no added taxes and no hidden fees of any kind.

  • No monthly fees, no surcharges or connection fees.

  • You can view or print out your call history, in 'real time', online.

  • You hear how many minutes you can talk every time you make a call.

  • You are not asked to enter an account number or PIN if you're calling from one of your registered phone numbers.

  • The auto recharge feature, if enabled, means you never have to buy another prepaid card.

  • You get the same cheap rates using a hotel phone when travelling.

  • You can make super cheap international calls from your cell phone. Your international calls are billed on your Flex Plan account, not on your cell phone bill.

  • You can use a special keypad command to get a better connection, if necessary. You can redial a call using a different international circuit anytime you want by using this phone keypad command
    [ # # * # ].

  • You save by using the service to make calls inside your own state.

  • You get the same cheap international rates even from a friends phone.

  • You can store up to 99 speed dial numbers in your Flex Plan account.

  • You can call make cheap international calls to any country from the USA or Canada using your cell phone or landline.
Why is [ # # * # ] feature so important?

Now you can connect to phone numbers in other countries that may have been difficult to reach with a standard international calling plan.

This unique feature allows you to use multiple carriers for a single call. If your call does not go through the first time, press [# #] to terminate the call and then immediately [* #]. This command will tell the system to try the same phone number using a different carrier, at no additional cost.

You may never need this feature. But if you do, it means you will not need to call tech support or customer service to make a call to a country that has call termination issues. You simply change the circuit yourself.

here and compare Flex Plan international call rates to the rates you currently pay.

Compare our International Rates to Your Cell Phone Rates

To view ALL 240 country rates, click here.

The Flex Plan is The Next Generation Prepaid Long Distance Service

Unlike phone cards that advertise misleading "low rates", the Flex Plan rates are clean, with no additional hidden fees or added taxes.

You may already realize that in most cases calling cards have numerous hidden fees and the minutes promised are received only for one continuous call because of the minimum call length imposed.

You may have also experienced that most calling cards require you to enter a PIN for every call. This is particularly inconvenient if you are on the go or you misplace your calling card. FLEX Plan is the only program that remembers your phone numbers and will not require you to enter a PIN.

In addition, the FLEX Plan is a one-time purchase as opposed to buying a new phone card every time it runs out of money.

The Flex Plan allows you to take advantage of the
lowest rates available for domestic and international calls. There is absolutely no monthly charges or fees of any kind and this also means NO taxes.

So, no connection or activation or weekly service fees - no taxes or FCC fees, there are no hidden charges
at all associated with the Flex Plan.

This means that the "
entire" amount that you choose to prepay, goes toward talk time.

You can call over 200 countries worldwide starting at 0.9¢ a minute for the UK with over 200 countries with rates less than 5¢ a minute.

The rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get the same low rates no matter when you make your calls.

The system will tell you the balance on you account each time you call the toll-free access number (1 800 390 2475) or your local access number.

You can also track your account balance and view complete call usage online using 'customer login'.

Through online account management (Customer Login) you get
Speed Dial Numbers

Program up to 99 telephone numbers you call most often.

Instant Access Numbers
Register up to 10 telephone numbers that you plan to use the service FROM. Most customers register their cell phone, home and business phones. When you use the service from one of your registered phones the system will not ask for a PIN.

Other things you can do when you log in to your account:

1. Set up Monthly Recharge and Account Limits

2. Set up multiple accounts or sub-accounts under one credit card

3. View detailed call logs for every phone call made on your account

4. Verify your credit card charges

5. View and verify any transactions that have been made on your credit card

6. Change your Credit Card Information

7. Change your PIN Number

Recharging Your Account - Smart Re-Charge
We know how irritating it can be to be interrupted in the middle of a call, so whenever your account reaches a balance of $3.00, your account can be automatically recharged.
The prepaid purchase amount choices are:
$10.00, $25.00 or $50.00 or $100.00 plus Free Mobile Apps

Recharges only occur when your account balance falls to the $3.00 level.

Example1: You could start your account with $50.00 and make a few calls and then not use it again for months. Your account balance will be the same as it was after your last phone call --months ago.

Example2: Or, you may use your entire $50.00 in the first week. In that case, the system will detect that your balance fell to $3.00, (the recharge threshold). It will then attempt to 'recharge' your account with another $50.00 so you will have no interruption in service.

Remember, there is absolutely
no monthly charges or fees of any kind and NO added taxes.

Customer Service

You'll receive a customer service toll free number to use in case you ever have any questions or concerns. We are available to assist 7 days a week, from 9 am E.S.T. until 6 pm E.S.T. and 24/7 by email.

Using the Flex Plan from a Prepaid Phone

You can use the Flex Plan from a prepaid phone or any phone or carrier from within the U.S. This includes your cell phone, home and office lines and your fax machine.

You may find additional reasons to use the Flex Plan. One thing is for certain, the Flex Plan will make your life easier and save you money on both U.S. and international calls.      

If you have any questions call me directly at 1 800 600 6151 or email
me at

It's a state-of-the-art, prepaid calling service with very low worldwide international call rates plus a long distance service for super discounted calls from the U.S. and Canada.

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AIT and Tel3 bring you the best in International Calling Rates and U.S. Long Distance Rates with the Flex Plan.


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Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex Plan

Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex Plan


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