Cheap International Calls from your Cell Phone or Landline to the World

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We offer two international call plans and each has great rates.

Cheap International Calls to the WorldBoth plans enable you to make cheap international calls from your cell phone or landline to any other cell phone or landline in the world.

The Plan combines the convenience of normal long distance calling plan but with the low rates and flexibility of a prepaid calling card.

Why do we offer two services?
Because some rates to certain parts of the world may be cheaper with one plan versus the other plan.

It depends on where your calling party is located.

So check both plans to see which is better for your specific needs. Have fun!

Absolutely no monthly fees, no monthly minimum usage requirement, no connection fees, no added taxes, no hidden fees of any kind. You are charged for actual per minute usage only.

You do not need a special international calling plan from your cell phone provider to use this service from your mobile phone.

These services not only work from the US and Canada but worldwide.

For example, use it to call from France to the US, or from Hong Kong to China, or from the Philippines to Australia.

Flex PlanTel3 Click for Rates

cheap international calls easy.

Tel3 be used from the following countries to call any other country.

Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea

Use it for cheap calling to any country.

Global Call ConnectGlobal Call Connect Click for Rates

Global Call Connect can be used
from these countries listed to call any other country.

Czech Republic
El Salvador
Luxemburg Access
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom

Use it for worldwide cheap country-to-country calls.

Save up to 90% on your next international call

International Conference Callls, How it Works, Questions, Benefits

Make a cheap international call to any country

  • Make calls inside your own state for 1¢ per minute.

  • If you reside in Canada, use it FROM Canada

  • Get these rates without using a computer connection to make your call, just use your cell phone or landline

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    Use your Smartphone to easily make cheap international calls

Video - Using your Smartphone to make cheap international calls

Free Mobile Phone apps

Make calling easier with free iPhone and Cell Phone apps that dial directly from your address book.

Free Mobile phone apps

Use it from your Blackberry or iPhone or any of 400 other model cell phones.

If you like this free iPhone app, you can download it and sign up for an account. This is a free application for iPhone users to place international calls directly from their iPhone device.

Once you've downloaded the application to your iPhone, you do not need to dial toll free access numbers or local access numbers or PIN's anymore to be able to make international calls with your Flex Plan account.

Just dial the international number you want to call as you normally do or use your 'contacts' from your iPhone address book and dial directly. All calls will be routed through your Flex Plan account, at Flex Plan rates. Much better than the alternative !

Call International | Why Sign Up for the Flex PlanWhy sign up for the Plan ?

Many customers use the Plan to get the best international calling rates.

Even more customers are using it to make calls
inside the U.S. or even inside their own state as an alternative to using their long distance company.

You can save 90% (or more) on U.S. long distance and international phone calls with the Plan.

Listed here are the most important reasons why you want to get the Flex Plan for international calls and U.S. phone calls.

Article in Real Simple Magazine
If London is calling you (or Vice-versa)

Not only international calls, our customers use it to call 'inside' the U.S.

In addition to super low international rates, you can make calls within the U.S. (inside your own state or state-to-state) for 1.4¢ per minute.

Click for Current Plan Discounts

View all worldwide rates

Get Free Smartphone App

You'll like the Plan, it's cheap, reliable and easy to use, guaranteed.

It Makes no changes

It's not necessary to change any of your existing long distance or cell phone services to use the Plan.

That's because this service is used on a call-by-call basis. You use it when it benefits you to do so.

Plan Features

Make cheap calls from your Smartphone

Make cheap calls from your Smartphone

Use it Instantly on Sign Up

Use it Instantly on Sign Up

No Monthly Fees, Activation Fees or Added Taxes

No Monthly Fees, Activation Fees or Taxes

Use it from your landline or cell phone

Use it from your landline or cell phone

No need to switch phone companies

No need to switch phone companies

Cheapest International Rates Anywhere

Cheapest International Rates Anywhere

Automatic Recharge Option

Automatic Recharge Option

Track all of your calls in Real Time - online

Track all of your calls in Real Time - online

No hidden fees of any kind

No hidden fees of any kind

Better than a prepaid calling card

Better than a prepaid calling card

Make a call from your Home, Cell phone or Business Line
(after your account is activated)

1. Dial Toll Free 1 800 999 5090 or a local access number
2. Enter the phone number you wish to call

Make Calling from your Cell Phone even easier

As a customer, you have the free option to download the SmartPlug software. It's an application installed on your cell phone, enabling a direct connection to the network. It uses your cell phone's memory, speed dial or contact list. This solution does not require any additional implementation except a onetime simple installation and makes calling from your cell phone a pleasure.

How does the Plan help me save on calls from my cell phone?

You'll save up to 90% on your cell phone and landline calls. Make international calls at super cheap rates from your cell phone 'even if you don't have international service on your cell phone'. As long as you can dial 1 800 999 5090, you can use this service.

After you get your Flex Plan account activated, you can forget about buying phone cards with their hidden fees and extra charges.

Call Afghanistan
Call Algeria
Call Argentina
Call Australia
Call Austria
Call Belize
Call Brazil
Call Canada
Call Chile
Call China
Call Colombia
Call Costa Rica
Call Dominican Rep
Call Ecuador
Call Ethiopia
Call France
Call Germany
Call Ghana
Call Greece
Call Honduras
Call Hong Kong
Call Hungary
Call India
Call Indonesia
Call Iran
Call Ireland
Call Israel
Call Italy
Call Jamaica
Call Japan
Call Jordan
Call Lebanon
Call Mexico
Call Morocco
Call Netherlands
Call New Zealand
Call Nigeria
Call Pakistan
Call Panama
Call Peru
Call Philippines
Call Poland
Call Qatar
Call Romania
Call Russia
Call St Lucia
Call Singapore
Call Slovakia
Call South Africa
Call South Korea
Call Spain
Call Sweden
Call Syria
Call Taiwan
Call Thailand
Call Trinidad
Call Turkey
Call UAE
Call UK
Call Ukraine
Call Uzbekistan
Call Venezuela
Call Vietnam

International Calls

Make Cheap International Calls to Any Country

  • Free Mobile apps
  • Clean rates
  • No Added Taxes
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Bypass your existing carrier
  • Pin-less dialing
  • Same low rates from any phone

Make cheap international calls or domestic calls from your cell phone, home or business phone lines. No PIN required.

"I've been looking for this service for a long time. Talk about a good deal, excellent!"
Martin A. -Houston, TX

Simply register the phones that you use when you make your international calls and no pin number entry will be necessary.

Most customers register their cell phone, home phone numbers or business lines to make it really easy to use and cut costs on calls.

Secrets to Cheap Calls

A high percentage of our customers use these plans to make calls 'inside' their own state or for state-to-state calls at big savings compared to their existing long distance service.

Please know that these are 'clean' rates. There are absolutely no monthly fees, no taxes added and no hidden fees.


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