Flex Plan | Benefits of Cheap International Calls


Flex Plan | Benefits of Cheap International Calls


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Flex Plan | Benefits

Flex Plan Benefits of Cheap International Calls


  • Absolutely no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no added taxes, no connection fees, no surcharges or hidden fees.

  • Bonus Free talk time minutes promotion.

  • Get free Mobile Apps for you cell phone. Make cheap and easy international calls at Flex Plan rates instead of the rates imposed by your cell phone provider

  • In addition to the best international rates, call anyone in the US or Canada for 1.9¢/minute. Call inside your own state for 1.9¢/min

  • Lowest international rates with many countries less than 5¢/min

  • Enjoy these super low international rates without VoIP

  • Use your existing phones, no PC or equipment necessary

  • Connect to previously difficult countries with [ * # ] feature

  • Makes no changes to your existing long distance or cell phone providers

  • Combines the quality of your traditional phone service, with the cheap rates of a prepaid phone card

  • Store up to 99 often called numbers with the free speed dial feature

  • Monitor call usage and billing online, in 'real time'

  • Place calls using local access numbers available throughout the U.S. or dial 1 800 999 5090 (once your account is activated)

  • No pin numbers to dial and no more buying calling cards

  • Your account never runs out of money in the middle of a call

To view ALL 240 country rates click here.

The Flex Plan provides the lowest international call rates with the highest quality connections.

You can use any phone to make
international calls. This includes your landline, business phones and cell phones, including smartphones.

Click for Worldwide Rates

AIT and Tel3 bring you the best in International Calling Rates and U.S. Long Distance Rates with the Flex Plan.


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Flex Plan | Benefits


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Flex Plan | Benefits of Cheap International Calls