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I deeply thank my friend for telling me about this service in the first place.

Peter M.
Thank you very much for the outstanding service with not a single issue since we opened an account with your company.

Lyliana J.
Never has such a great international phone service before.

Robert S.
Your service and support is extremely important to help my business grow because it gave excellent quality in the call forwarding features.  I had two bad experiences before and was almost giving up offering virtual numbers to my global customers that has proved so important for my business type.  The service we switched over from was unstable and my cliients complained.  Your assistance and guarantee of my satisfaction has enable the success of my main international service.

Sonia C.
Hello...moving our other two lines over from a competitor after seeing how much better your service works.  Thanks for such great service.

Marsha Z.
Your technical and customer service is awesome.  Thanks for your reliable connections and unbeatable prices.

Carlos F.
We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with your company.  Your services are dependable, continously evolving with new features, and extremely valuable for our expansion.  The attention to details and willingness to listen to our needs has been paramount to our company.

Amr K.
Thank you! great service.  Everyone is talking about new phone services, I always tell them why get into all the hassle when you can have a real long distance phone service with high quality and super low pricing with this company.  Seriously, I am more than happy with the service.  Keep up the good work and the low fees.

Franscisco S.
My relatives in China using your China phone numbers so they can make easy contact me thru their mobile phones using Beijing and Shenzhen mobile number. It works also in receiving SMS and voice calls. Thank you for the help and explanation.

Guan-yin A.

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