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China Virtual Phone Number How it Works

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China Virtual Phone Numbers for Smart Businesses

China Call Forwarding, also known as an China Call Divert or China Virtual Phone Number, enables you to own a China phone number and instantly redirect those calls to any phone worldwide.

If you haven't already, view our global virtual number database here.

We currently offer local numbers and toll free numbers in 160 countries and 1000s of cities around the world.

Perfect for getting your calls from international customers or a new geographical market you are now targeting with advertising.
China Call Forwarding - How it Works
Our global call forwarding or international call forwarding system is designed to establish a virtual phone presence around the world by activating local or toll-free phione number. These local or toll-free numbers act as a local point of contact and redirect incoming calls to any phone number in the world that you desire.

For example, if your business is located in the UK and you wish to establish a local point of contact or phone presence in China, or any of 160 different countries, our China virtual number service can provide local or toll-free China phone numbers. They can all 'ring to' your UK headquarters office line or to any phone in any country.

View video of how to easily navigate the China database of virtual phone numbers.
Once the numbers are activated, all calls made to the virtual number will instantly redirected to the UK based office or any specific call center that you designate to receive these calls. A virtual phone number will divert calls to a mobile, landline, PBX, VoIP or Call Center in any country.

Virtual number service also comes with a highly scalable set of innovative features that add extra value to the local or toll free phone numbers beyond their primary benefits.

The ability to forward calls is very important for businesses and for frequent travelers. Rather than having to leave outgoing messages to people asking them to call a different number, it is much easier to simply forward calls to another line. If you forward your calls, you will not need to worry about missing important communications.

Add the Outbound Calling option to your virtual number. Make international calls using VoIP and free softphone. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop. You can use one of the local or toll free numbers you purchased from us as your Caller ID for your outbound calls.

Creating your own China Phone Presence

To create a phone presence in China, you will need to obtain a Chinese phone number and set up a phone system that allows you to receive and make calls from China. There are several options for doing this, including:

Obtain a local phone number: You can purchase a local phone number in China through a telecommunications provider or a virtual phone number from Aitelephone. This will allow you to have a local presence in China and make and receive calls as if you were physically located there.

Use a virtual phone system: A virtual phone system is a cloud-based phone system that allows you to make and receive calls using a local or toll-free number in China, even if you are not physically located there. Virtual phone systems often offer features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording such as the plan you are viewing now.

Use a China call forwarding service: A forwarding service allows you to redirect incoming calls to a phone number outside of China. This can be useful if you want to receive calls on your existing phone number, such as the plan you are viewing now.

It's worth noting that setting up a phone presence in China may require you to comply with local regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. It may also be subject to technical constraints and may be more expensive than setting up a phone presence in other countries.
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China Virtual Phone Number How it Works