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Guide to China Phone Number Database

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China Phone Number Sign Up
How to Set Up China Virtual Phone Number to Divert Calls to a U.S. Phone Number
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How to Create a China Phone Connection for Your Most Important China Based Callers

Working with clients located in China has its own communication challenges. Not only might you have language or cultural barriers to overcome, even the simple act of making a phone call is more complex due to time zone differences and the nuances of making international phone calls.

If the China based client, customer or associate has an urgent matter to discuss, you'll want to remove as much friction and obstacles in reaching you as possible. Creating a China virtual phone number for them to use is one way to do this. When they dial the number, it instantly rings to your phone located anywhere in the world and at no cost to the caller.

China Virtual Phone Numbers Use Cases

Beijing Municipality has a population of 21 million people (2013). Spoken language of Beijing residents is Beijing dialect based on the official Mandarin Chinese (putonghua).

Beijing Television broadcasts on channels 1 through 10, and China Central Television, China's largest television network, maintains its headquarters in Beijing. Three radio stations feature programmes in English: Hit FM on FM 88.7, Easy FM by China Radio International on FM 91.5, and the newly launched Radio 774 on AM 774. Beijing Radio Stations is the family of radio stations serving the city.

Beijing has hosted numerous international and national sporting events, the most notable was the 2008 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Other multi-sport international events held in Beijing include the 2001 Universiade and the 1990 Asian Games. Single-sport international competitions include the Beijing Marathon (annually since 1981), China Open of Tennis (1993–97, annually since 2004), ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of China (2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010), WPBSA China Open for Snooker (annually since 2005), Union Cycliste Internationale Tour of Beijing (since 2011), 1961 World Table Tennis Championships, 1987 IBF Badminton World Championships, the 2004 AFC Asian Cup (football), and 2009 Barclays Asia Trophy (football). Beijing hosted the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

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China Virtual PBX for Incoming Calls from USA or Any Country

The world’s largest exporter by value, mainland China exported US$3.026 trillion worth of goods around the globe in 2021.
That dollar amount reflects a 33.2% gain since 2017 and a 16.8% acceleration from 2020 to 2021.

The value of China’s total exports represents 14.1% of overall global exports (based on the world’s total $21.513 trillion for 2021).

Applying a continental lens, approaching half (46.9%) of mainland China’s exports by value were delivered to fellow Asian countries while 20.79% were sold to North American importers. China shipped a comparable 20.75% worth of goods to Europe.

Smaller percentages went to Latin America (4.8%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, Africa (4.4%) then Oceania (2.4%) led by Australia and New Zealand.

For example, a supplier in China could divert incoming calls to the appropriate team member by having the auto attendant prompt callers to choose from a set of predefined options such as "Press 1 for order status, press 2 to place an order…" and so on.

Receiving Global Calls from China

Organizations in other countries can also use China virtual phone numbers to receive phone calls from the UAE. For example, a software company in the United Arab Emirates servicing customers in China could set up a toll free phone number specific to China in order to receive phone calls from its customers located in China. Though the phone calls originate in China, the phone rings in the UAE.

Communicating between Branch Offices in China and Another Country

Many global businesses have branch offices around the world, requiring an affordable, convenient way to communicate between branches. For example, an international company with branch offices in China, UAE and Saudi Arabia and UK requires a great deal of communication between all associates in those countries. International phone calls between China, UAE and UK or India and Saudi Arabia can become quite expensive, and dialing internationally is often confusing to employees who may be unfamiliar with country and exit codes. Using virtual phone numbers reduces communication costs while simplifying phone calls:

China call forwarding to UAE

The branch in China dials a local China Beijing phone number, which diverts the call to the branch in UAE. This is a local call to China employees, so it's easy to dial.

India call forwarding to China

For India based employees, the reverse is set up with a local India phone number that rings to the branch office in China.

Get Your Own China Virtual Phone Number

In all of these use cases, global call forwarding takes place over a modern global PSTN telecommunications network of the highest caliber. There are no contracts, making signing up for a China virtual phone number is a no-risk option.

Strategy to make easy international calls TO China from Your Country

Buy a virtual phone number in your country and point that number to the China phone number you call most often. To make a call to China, simply dial your own local virtual phone number. The call is instantly connected to your designated China call destination phone number.
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