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China Virtual Phone Numbers in Action | Use Cases
According to Thomas White International, China, "China’s towering ambitions go back to
the days of Mao Zedong who unsuccessfully tried to make the Great Leap Forward, an
economic and social campaign that only left death and destruction in its trail. It took a
daring Deng Xiaoping to declare in 1978 that it is “glorious to be rich,” which set the
stage for a host of economic reforms. China, as they say, has never looked back since
then, powering its way through almost three decades of fast-paced growth to emerge as
the world’s second biggest economy."
"Now China, it seems, wants to leave its mark on the skyline as well, much like the Sears
Tower and Empire State Building and the might of the economy they represent. If the privately-held construction company Broad
Group has its way, the country will be home to what it claims will be tallest skyscraper in the world, and all in a span of just three
months, according to a Financial Times report."
China Virtual PBX for Incoming Calls from USA or Any Country
The United States is China's largest trade partner along with Asian countres and Germany, accounting for $133 billion in imports
from China in 2018. Chinese businesses targeting customers in USA can order a toll free global call forwarding local to USA that
rings to a call center in China. Not only does doing so make it easy for business customers in the United States to get in touch with
the China based supplier, global call forwarding numbers can be configured as a virtual PBX system complete with auto attendant,
custom greeting, mailbox extensions, time of day routing and more.
For example, a supplier in China could divert incoming calls to the appropriate team member by having the auto attendant prompt
callers to choose from a set of predefined options such as "Press 1 for order status, press 2 to place an order…" and so on.
Receiving Global Calls from China
Organizations in other countries can also use China virtual phone numbers to receive phone calls from China. For example, a
software company in the United Arab Emirates servicing customers in China could set up a toll free phone number specific to
China in order to receive phone calls from its customers located in China. Though the phone calls originate in China, the phone
rings in the UAE.
Communicating between Branch Offices in China and Another Country
Many global businesses have branch offices around the world, requiring an affordable, convenient way to communicate between
branches. For example, an international company with branch offices in India, UAE and Saudi Arabia and China requires a great
deal of communication between all associates in those countries. International phone calls between UAE and China or India and
Saudi Arabia can become quite expensive, and dialing internationally is often confusing to employees who may be unfamiliar with
country and exit codes. Using virtual phone numbers reduces communication costs while simplifying phone calls:
China call forwarding to UAE
The branch in China dials a local phone number, which diverts the calls to the branch in UAE. This is a local call to Chinese
employees, so it's easy to dial. Our low international call forwarding rates ensure that the phone call is economical.
India call forwarding to China
For India based employees, the reverse is set up with a local India phone number that rings to the branch office in China.
Get Your Own China Virtual Phone Number
In all of these use cases, global call forwarding takes place over a modern global PSTN telecommunications network of the highest
caliber. There are no contracts, making signing up for a China virtual phone number a low-risk option with no commitment
Strategy to make easy international calls TO China from Your Country
Buy a virtual phone number in your country and point that number to the China phone number you call most often. To make a call to
China, simply dial your own local virtual phone number. The call is instantly connected to your preferred China call destination
phone number.
Try it free and find out if global call forwarding makes sense for your requirement.

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