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Reservation-less, no scheduling requiredReservation-less, no scheduling required
Billing for actual usageBilling for actual usage only
No prepayment or contractNo prepayment or monthly fees
Use your account anytime 24/7Use your account anytime 24/7
100% Guarantee100% Guaranteed

Top Features
  • No activation fee, no monthly fees, no contract
  • Global Toll-Free & Local City Dial-in Numbers
  • Leader Dial-Out option
  • 24/7 U.S. based operator support
  • Host up to 300 participants on a call
  • Free Recording and MP3
  • Free online Conference Call Manager
  • Attendance summary sent after each call
  • Outlook Integration
  • Option to add sub-accounts for associates or teams
  • Account code tracking option
  • Fiber-Optic Network
  • Superb line quality
  • Account owner is billed for usage, not attendees

Global Toll-Free Access Rates

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No Credit Card Information Required on Sign Up
Customers can login and pay upon receipt of a detailed invoice for account usage.

Accepted payment types are:
Visa - Mastercard - Amex - ACH - Wire Transfer - Bank Check

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Terms and Conditions

Service Provider agrees to provide reliable conferencing services that are free of defect and function as advertised.

Customer certifies that the information submitted is true and correct.

Customer agrees to be responsible for all usage of account passcodes. Customers agrees to be billed for usage at the listed rates, per minute/person. There are no monthly fees, activation fees or cancellation fees.

Customer agrees to pay for account usage within the terms of the invoice. If a default should occur in meeting this condition, Customer understands that the account can be temporarily suspended until payments are made to restore the account.

Customer understands that Service Provider, its officers and partners are not liable for any direct, special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of service from force majeure, acts of god, natural disasters, communications failure, governmental actions, acts of war, riots, vandalism, or any situations beyond our reasonable control.

Upon account activation, provider guarantees to deliver a 100% working account to the Customer that can be used anytime 24/7.

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When can I use the account?
Use your account immediately upon account activation. You will receive a welcome email with all global access numbers, passcodes and easy user guide. Host a conference call anytime 24/7.

Are there any minimum usage requirements?
There are no minimum usage commitments of any kind. Your account remains active and waits for you to use it. Account inactivity for 180 days will result in PIN code deactivation.

How do I cancel this service?
Should you wish to cancel or disable your account at any time, send an email or call customer service. Or simply discontinue using the service. There are no ongoing account fees for non-usage.

100% Guaranteed
If you are not satisfied for some unknown technical reason and were not able to connect with your participants, you will not pay.

How do I know the account will work for our requirements before I need to use it for an important call?
We recommend that you become familiar with the service by making a brief call with any associate or friend. By doing this, you will see and hear how easy it is to host a call.

What if I need assistance while I'm hosting a call?
Your account includes 24/7 operator assistance. When logged in as the Leader, simply press [ * 0 ] star+zero to immediately connect with an operator at any time.

How is the call quality?
Expect Crystal-Clear Audio Quality. Your conference call will experience no echoes, no voice fading, no static or voice stuttering.

Can I get an attendance summary after my call?
After a conference call has ended, the system automatically sends an attendance report and call summary to the email address on file.

Can I manage my account online?
Yes. You will receive a link to login to your account. You can download free session recording MP3's, modify account preferences online.

Other people in my company may need to use this account. Can I receive additional passcodes?
Yes. Set up their information above. They will have separate passcodes and can host their own calls. All usage appears on main billing invoice. You can also add additional sub-accounts at any time by contacting customer service.

Is there an alternative way my guests can join a conference?
As an included alternative to sending international participants a country specific toll-free access number, account owners can ask their overseas participants to join a call by dialing the standard U.S. network access 'toll' phone number from their country. The account owner pays 2.5 cents per minute for the invitee to use the U.S. direct access number. Callers typically use Skype or some other inexpensive method to call the U.S. from their country.

When is my account billed?
Billing for account usage occurs the first week of the month for any previous months usage. If there is no usage during the month, there is no billing.

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