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How to make Outbound Phone Calls with Custom Caller ID

Having local caller ID numbers also helps your phone calls to appear as if they originated in the recipient’s city or country. They’ll be more likely to answer than if they saw an unfamiliar international phone number.

Caller ID makes it possible for people to more easily identify callers as well as return missed calls. However, when making outbound calls, you don’t necessarily want callers to call you back using the phone number you placed the call on. For example, that number could be a back-office line, your personal cell phone, or, if you’re using global call forwarding numbers, a phone located in a completely different country. Fortunately, our global outbound calling option with caller ID override makes it easy to receive returned phone calls on the phone of your choice.

How Outbound Calling for Businesses with Custom Caller ID Works

First, get one of our global outbound calling numbers -
This is a type of global call forwarding number that includes a special global outbound calling option with caller ID override. Like a regular global call forwarding number, you’ll select a local or toll free virtual number for a given country from Algeria to Zimbabwe. That virtual number will ring to the phone of your choice such as your front office. For example, if you get a global call forwarding number for customers in Venezuela to call your main office in Miami, Florida, the phone call will look and act just like any other business phone number in Venezuela, yet you’ll receive the calls in Miami.

Next, take advantage of caller ID override to make global outbound calls with virtual number caller ID displayed -
Install a free VoIP dialer app on your device, PC, IOS, iPhone, Android (don’t worry our 24/7 support team can walk you through this - no hardware required).

Set up your custom caller ID -
Whether you have a team of agents making outbound calls or plan on using a single landline or mobile phone to make global calls, your caller ID will display your virtual phone number rather than the actual phone number of the telephone you are using.

Advantages of Outbound Calling for Businesses with Custom Caller ID

Using your virtual number’s caller ID helps your callers get back in touch with you without requiring them to make an international phone call. For example, when calling Caracas, Venezuela from a Miami office, your callers will see a local 0212 phone number (or a 0800 number if you choose a toll free virtual number). Likewise, if they missed the call and want to call you back, they’ll call you back using the virtual number, which is a local or toll free phone call for them. Their calls will be routed to the phone you’ve designated for receiving returned calls.

Designating a specific phone number for receiving returned phone calls also protects your private lines from becoming public. For example, if you occasionally use your private office or mobile phone to make outbound calls, you probably don’t want callers to add those numbers to their contacts or call you on your mobile phone. By routing them through the appropriate channels, you can ensure the calls are handled professionally by your staff.

Your phone calls will appear as if they originated in the recipient city or country. Call recipients more likely answer a call when they see a familiar phone number inside their country.

Since our global call forwarding numbers come with advanced features such as time-of-day routing, advanced interactive voice response / PBX, customized greeting, fax forwarding, voicemail to email, simultaneous ringing, SMS forwarding, and more, your new global call forwarding number with the global outbound calling option with caller ID override becomes a complete inbound and outbound calling solution for your international business.

We have thousands of local and toll free global call forwarding numbers worldwide packed with advanced features, straightforward and affordable pricing with no per/user or monthly fees, and no contracts.

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