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SMS Forwarding Service
Some customers prefer texting over making a phone call or
interacting with businesses face-to-face. You can provide an
easy-to-reach mobile number to your customers with SMS
forwarding. It is great for reservations and booking, customer
inquiries and general feedback.  SMS messages get
forwarded automatically to an email address chosen by the
subscriber. Incoming SMS content is forwarded in email
format, with the sender’s caller ID and text message.
API On-Demand offers in-depth documentation online for
various supported standard operations you can integrate with
any operating environment.  The API also gives you the ability
to create your own tools so the integrations possibilities are
API On Demand
Carry forward your plans unused minutes from one month to
the next.  Rollover Minutes is an optional feature.  Rollover
Minutes, or unused call forwarding minutes, accumulate each
month and carry over to the next, for up to 6 billing periods.
Minutes are collected when you use fewer minutes than the
total number of minutes included in your international call
forwarding plan.
Rollover Minutes
If your business is located on the East Coast of the US and
you get a steady number of calls daily from your clients in
Bangkok during what would be 10:00 AM in their location, it
would obviously be difficult to manage this at 11:00 PM EST.
To manage these calls, you could have all calls at this point
routed to specific numbers of your team who handle these
specific late hours, or calls can be set to be routed to a call
center in Asia.
Time of Day Routing
Utilizing a customized greeting gives you an edge over
competitor companies that may only have a standard ringtone.
Larger, more successful companies often have customized
greetings to direct incoming calls to their proper department
such as ‘Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Technical Support,
and so on’. Customers will be much more receptive to a
professional and courteous greeting that sets the tone for the
rest of the call.
Customized Greeting
Set up your voicemail to answer when your phone is busy.  Or
activate the included Do Not Disturb feature to automatically
send calls to your voicemail.  Forward voicemails to your
email inbox and access them from your phone or PC.
Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
One of the most beneficial features of having extensions for
your company’s phone management system is the ability to
appear larger than your company may actually be. Having
extensions that are automatically prompted upon calling your
number makes it known that your company has numerous
divisions and staff members, and that your company is large
and dynamic. If you are in the early stages of business and are
aiming to establish yourself, this is a useful tactic to impress
those who get in contact with your company.
Unlimited Free Extensions
This feature enables you to forward calls from a selected
country code to a specific phone number.  For example,
forward calls that originate in France to a call center with
French speaking agents.
Select Country Forwarding
Create your own lists and reject calls coming from area codes
and countries that you do not extend your services to. This
prevents you from wasting time and money on calls that will
not even lead to business.  You can easily reject specific
phone numbers that call with unwanted soliciting or spam
Black & White Lists
Online Account Management
We offer you an easy to use Account Portal to manage your
account, change account settings, add services, set up or
modify advanced features, change your ring-to numbers, set
up your call forwarding preferences, view up-to-date invoices,
and view call details - including date, time, phone numbers,
and duration.
When the call recording option is enabled, it records 100% of
call traffic that gets received on the designated number.
Settings can be changed, and if you prefer, you can record a
lesser percent of the calls you receive.

Reduce business liability by recorded call evidence
Maintain full compliance by recording transactions
Financial markets and trading, call recording is mandatory
Call recording can be integrated into any operating system
Enjoy a wide array of benefits to customer service output
Advanced Call Recording
Call Transfer
Attended Call Transfer gives businesses the power to place
an incoming call on hold, dial a pre-programmed digit
sequence (programmable by the account owner) to reach a
different department or call center located anywhere in the
world, and transfer the call immediately or wait and brief the
other department on the issue before transferring the call.
Outbound calls made with this service are entirely
indistinguishable from all other phone calls.  Using the option
to make outbound calls, you can make outgoing calls from
your virtual number with the corresponding caller ID
transmitted to the call recipient.  Make outbound international
calls using VoIP with free Zoiper for IOS or Acrobits for Android
softphone. Or X-Lite or MicroSIP for Windows  Simply choose
a virtual phone number in the locale of your call recipients and
your local virtual number caller ID will be displayed to them 
Use this service from any VoIP connection globally. View
Global Calling Customized Caller ID
Local Ringtones
Increase the local appeal of your local or toll-free number by
selecting the ring tones that matches the standard in-country
ring tone signal of the country where your virtual number
choice is located.
Forward calls from your local or toll-free number to two or
more registered phone numbers.  The most common use for
simultaneous ring is to have the user’s mobile phone and desk
extension ring simultaneously. This allows users to take calls
while they are away from the office and ensures that your
business will never miss important call.
Simultaneous Ringing
The VoIP Calling For Business API is included with the
purchase of virtual numbers. There is no additional cost to
integrate it. However, in order to set it up, IT will guide you
through the process coordinating it according to your needs.

The VoIP Calling For Business API also brings a wide range of
customization possibilities. It can be customized upon request
to meet the customer’s specific needs.
API [Application Program Inferface]
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Sequential Call Forwarding
All incoming calls are directed, in sequence, to the listed ring-
to numbers in the order specified. If your main number is not
answering or the operator happens to be working with another
call, during the time the caller waits for the call to be
answered, sequential forwarding automatically finds the next
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Global VoIP Calling Advanced Features
Outbound Calling for Business
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