Reduce costs on International Calling utilizing our international call gateway


Isn't it confusing with all the international calling plans available on the Internet?

There are over 17 million Google results if you do a search for 'reduce costs on international calls'. Even if you only clicked on and viewed the first few page results, you could still be left without a comfort level needed to make a decision.

You could make a career out of trying to finding a cheap international calling plan!

Isn't it confusing with all the international calling plans available on the InternetAIT reduces the world of international calling plans to a chosen few.

Now you can confidently select a cheap way to make international calls in a few minutes instead of devoting too much valuable time.

International calling plans offered on this website are used daily in our offices to communicate with our worldwide customer base and associates.

AIT does the due diligence and offers what works best.

We know what works well and we do not present plans that you should not consider, including calling plans we've tried and have determined may still have service issues.

For example, the two
international calling plans we do offer on the right have passed all of our tests:

Highly Reliable Connections
Excellent Customer Support
Most Competitive Rates in the Industry
Accurate and Easy to Understand Billing
User-friendliness (easy learning curve)
Superior Line Quality on Data and Voice Services
Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Ratings
99.9% call completion rates even to difficult call destinations

Our service works well and has cheap rates and will save you money, not empty your wallet with high rates or hidden fees.

For example, our plans do not add taxes to your rates, and there are no surcharges and no minimum usage requirement or charges.

So when you check the rates on our plans, you're looking at
'clean', per minute rates. What a concept !

You'll like our service and reliable international calling service, guaranteed.

Other 'major' differences between our international calling plans versus your cell phone company and long distance provider are:
  • save on in-state or state-to-state calls in addition to international calls
  • get great rates with either your landline or cell phone
  • dial-around your cell phone company or long distance providers
  • overseas dialing made easy, store up to 99 speed dials, dial 2 digits instead of 15
  • no PIN's necessary, register multiple phones like cell phone, business line, home phone
  • no computer or VoIP connection required
  • no monthly fees
  • no connection fees
  • no minimum usage requirements, no usage means no bill
  • no hidden fees
  • no long term commitment
  • no FCC fees
  • no Universal Fund fees
  • no state or federal taxes added
  • both plans offer online itemized call detail in real time
  • Global Call Connect even works FROM 100 worldwide cities
  • Per minute savings that can be more than 90% less compared to your phone company's rates
  • CLEAN rates because there's nothing added or hidden

No special equipment needed and no changes to your current provider needed.

Simply dial the network access phone number, either local or toll free and enter the number you wish to call. Pay super cheap international call rates. And you can get these low rates 'without' switching anything or needing to use a VoIP computer plan, just use your phones as usual.

Are these plans like my existing long distance service?

Unlike normal long distance services offered by a local phone company, the calling plans offered here provide a choice for you to dial an access number when you want to make a cheap call to a number inside the U.S. or place an international call. With your existing service, there is usually no other solution but pay high rates.

These services
dial-around any existing service you may now have.Our customers usually put the access number in 'speed dial' then they press just one key to get cheap rates.

After you activate your account with one of these plans, you would dial the network access number and follow the voice prompts.

If you call the number now before activating your account, the system will not recognize your caller ID and will ask you for your account number and PIN.

So, you need to activate an account before you can use either of these services with their corresponding access numbers below.

Most of our customers put one of these access numbers into 'speed dial' on their phone. Then making a cheap call is just a matter of pressing one speed dial button.

If you call either of these numbers above now, you'll be asked for your PIN because you do not have an account yet.

When you sign up, you can register as many phone lines as you usually make calls from. Such as your cell phone number, your home phone or your business lines.

Once you have an account, the system will recognize the number you're calling from using caller ID and not ask you for your PIN.

Do you need to notify your local phone company?

No, simply use the service when it benefits you to do so.

Can be used with your existing U.S. cell phone, home or office phone lines.

Use with 'any' cell phone provider. Let our service capture the call and bill you at 'our' rates instead of AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

Use it with any landline phone. Get 'our' rates and save. You can stop overpaying for international calls now. We have many customers that use our service for 'local' calls as well.

More on cheap calls:
For example, if you could pay 1.9¢ per minute to call within your own city or state, would that save you money ? If you make international calls, would paying a few cents per minute compared to your current long distance company, save you money ?

Examine your phone bill from your local phone company and see what you are being charged for calls across town or 'toll' calls, sometimes referred to as zone calls.

Global Call Connect

So, now you know how to make cheap calls. I'm certain you save money whether you're making an international call or calling across town.

Sign up now for cheap international calling

International Calling Plan. Whether you're calling across the world or across town, you can make Cheap Calls without making any changes to your current services.

Worldwide Rates

Secrets to Cheap Calls
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Customer Comment:
"You solved my problem. It's convenient and such a pleasure to make international calls from my cell phone or home and at such cheap rates !"
Phillip K. -New York

Customer Comment:
"The Plan has been astounding for me and my family talking from Canada to Pakistan."
Ashfaq K. Montreal, -Canada

Customer Comment:
"I use Global Call Connect to talk to family in Hong Kong, but I also use it with international business calls. I am saving a few hundred a month now."
Yuan C, -San Francisco

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