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"Your plan saved me over $200.00 last month. I didn't believe it until I actually logged into my account and saw my calls listed. Painless, easy savings. Thanks."
Joanne H. -San Francisco, CA

"I was spending a solid $50 a month on long distance calls to my daughter who lives in Colorado. Now it's about $15.00 because of the Tel3 1.9¢ per minute."
Robert H. -Delray Beach, FL

"We call family in China a lot. We used to pay 21 cents with Hawaii phone company. You charge 2 1/2 cents, save us money on every call."
Wok L. -Honolulu, HI

"Savings now using Global Call Connect are maybe three hundred to four hundred monthly. Our international long distance calls to Germany account for most calls from 6 phone lines at our U.S. office. Your rates are low and connection quality is excellent. "
Friedrich H. -Lübeck, Germany

"Yes, we are saving on each call, primarily to the UK. It's also nice to get the same rate with my cell phone."
Joseph H. -Milwaukee, WI

"We have used the Global Call Connect service for over a year to contact our son who works for the U.S. Peace Corps in Ethiopia.
This service is the only way to keep in touch with family members in a
country where communication can be expensive and difficult."
Betty M. -Seattle, WA

Choose our Calling Plan
The best rates to call any country worldwide

Works from US/Canada and Many Other Countries

Click for Global Call Connect Rates

Plan Features
  • cheap rates for calls worldwide
  • get cheap calls from other countries too
  • high quality connections, not VoIP
  • connect on the first attempt
  • by-pass your cell or long distance carrier and save
  • no PIN number, system recognizes your caller ID
  • store up to 99 favorite numbers for easy dialing
  • no computer required
  • no monthly fees
  • no connection fees
  • no minimum usage requirements
  • no hidden fees
  • no long term commitment
  • no Universal Service Fund fees
  • no added state or federal taxes
  • online customer account management
  • view call details online 24/7
  • per minute savings that can be 90% cheaper than phone company rates

save money on international calls
  • No usage commitments or monthly fees or added taxes

  • Completely BYPASS your current long distance company and cell phone provider. (simply dial the access number before you dial the number you want to call)

US/Canada Toll Free Access Numbers - Try it

1 800 390 2475 - Global Call Connect access number

you'll need to sign up before you can actually make a call

To make a call, the customer must first dial a network access number above or the country access number for your location, then in a few seconds when prompted, the number you are calling can be dialed at cheap rates.

All global access numbers available upon account activation.

Use you cell phone or landline

No PIN is required because the service s allows you to register the phones you intend to use to make international calls. So once your account is activated, when you dial the network access number, the system detects the caller ID and knows you are a customer. (as long as you do not block your caller ID) if you do block caller ID, you will need to enter a PIN which is provided.

Shhh, it's a secret !

Saving money on international calls and USA long distance calls
However, many thousands of customers have already discovered this secret and they save money on every call whether the call is international or domestic.

Too many discounted long distance calling plans to choose from?

The cheap
international calling solutions can be confusing.

For example a Google search will produce over
13 million page results for the search term 'cheap calls'.

This is obviously a huge task, especially if you are a good shopper and don't like to leave any good deals unexplored. Some customers report that they examined many search results for 'days' before finally making a decision. Other customers have mentioned that after examining many plans, the confusion level caused them to not make 'any' decision. Result? -they continue to overpay.

Cheap International Calling without VoIP

aitelephone offers cheap international and U.S. long distance calls at extremely low rates. The rates found here are usually associated with VoIP services, but no Internet connection is needed and it's not VoIP.

With Global Call Connect, the customer does not need to use a computer to make a cheap call. No high speed Internet connection or anything associated with a broadband connection is necessary -you just need a cell phone or a fixed landline, or register both.

Secrets of Cheap international calling from your cell phone

Secrets of Cheap international calls from your cell phoneSince your cell phone plan already has a monthly allotment of monthly long distance minutes for U.S. calls, you would not need to use either of these two services for domestic calling from your 'cell' phone.

But for 'international calling', get ready for big savings from your cell phone and your landline.

The secret to cheap long distance calls is the Rate Structure

It doesn't matter if most of your existing monthly phone bill is comprised of calls across town or across the world, you will save money with AIT's calling plans.

You not only get these rates with your landline phones, you get the same low rates with your 'cell' phone. You can have super low rates with pin-less convenience without being confined to your computer and the Internet.

cheap international calls

Cheap Overseas Call Examples

Global Call Connect Rates
View All Global Call Connect Rates

Is the service easy to use ?

Dial our network access phone number to make a long distance callVery easy. When you want to make a cheap long distance call or are
international calling from either your home, business or cell phone, do the following:

If you dial either of these numbers now, the system will ask for your PIN because you do not have an account yet.

. Dial our network access phone number.

1 800 390 2475
- Global Call Connect

#2. Upon connecting to the network, the system will ask you to enter the number you wish to call.

After you sign up and get activated, the system will recognize the caller ID of your phone and not ask for a PIN.

By the way both plans permit you to store up to 99 favorite phone numbers. So instead of dialing a long string of digits, for example, a number in France 0113341234567, you could simply dial [ 1 # ] and our system dials the entire number for you.

It get's even easier. Speed dialing our network access number.

Make using the service extremely easy. Simply store the access number in your phones 'speed dial' or favorites.

Then when you want to route a call through the cheap call network, you just press one key and our network access number is auto-dialed for you.

Are these plans really a secret ?

Well, certainly your local phone company or your cell phone provider doesn't want to tell you about them.

They want you to make sure your calls go through 'their' network and you pay 'their' rates. So, these calling plans are 'not' mentioned by your existing phone company.

It's a secret they would prefer you don't know.

We guarantee you'll save money on global calling

No one likes to overpay the phone company. Enjoy cheap international calls now.

Enjoy cheap worldwide calling from your cell phone or landline.

Save big money on global calling without switching any of your existing services or using a computer. All you need is your cell phone or landline.

Simply dial our network access number and your call is routed through our cheap call network instead of your existing provider.

Once your account is activated, you'll be able to make low cost international calls to any country or cheap calls to another state in the U.S. or Canada or just across town.

Check your current phone bill and see what you are currently charged for an 'out of state' call or 'in-state' call, or
international call. Compare to what you could pay with either of our plans.

Chances are AIT's plan will save you money every month.

Product Suitability

Global Call Connect, works for U.S. and Canada and other global residential or business customers that want to reduce expenses on international calls.

For customers located 'abroad',
Global Call Connect offers local and toll free access numbers FROM a 100 countries in addition to cheap international calling from the U.S. and Canada

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