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The article is called Moneywise/Wallet Matters and the July topic is:
"How to save on cell phone plans."

Real Simple Magazine Article - How to save on cell phone plans
Real Simple Magazine Article - How to save on cell phone plans

The fourth bullet point on the page is:

"If London is calling you (or vice versa): Go to which offers rates starting at less than 1 cent a minute to more than 200 countries."

Choose a plan (prepaid or postpaid) then dial from your cell phone using a local number.

For example, calling Moscow Russia, costs 1.5 cents a minute compared with $1.60 a minute from Verizon Wireless.

"The timing of the article was amazing to me as I had just checked both my landline and cell phone plans for rates to Kenya as my daughter moved there 2 weeks ago and will be there for 14 months.

I was looking for an option to save money making international calls using my cell phone.

Thanks !

Marianne -Dallas, TX

Sign up and start saving, we guarantee you'll save money, really! is noted on page 130 of the print issue of Real Simple Magazine - July 2011.

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"Being the CFO of a small company, I am always looking out for ways to cut our costs. Your plan will save us a lot of money on international calls. Thanks for the helpful answers."
Steven H. -New York, NY


Real Simple Magazine | Article on

Real Simple Magazine | Article on

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Real Simple Magazine, July 2011 Moneywise/Wallet Matters article on