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Peter M.
Real people provide customer service. What a concept -old school these days. Super easy to deal with. Every request is dealt with quickly and correctly. Could not rate Aitelephone highly enough for global phone solutions.
Peter M.
Lyliana J.
Thank you very much for the outstanding service with not a single issue since we opened an account with your company.
Lyliana J.
Lionel C.
Everything works for us really well. We have been using the virtual number for a few years now. It's proved to be a reliable communication tool that we use to develop and support our international customer base.
Lionel C.
no photo available
We are very happy with the service and use of the toll free numbers. No complaints. If there is ever an issue with the service, we contact the team immediately and they resolve the issue within 15 minutes. We see ourselves using the service for a long time.
Robert E.
Marsha Z.
Hello...moving our other two lines over from another company after seeing how much better your service works.  Thanks for such great service.
Marsha Z.
Horata F
We have used Aitelephone for our company incoming calls, our use is  usa and japan numbers for our customer support call center , and forward the calls to our mobiles.
Horata F.
Amr K.
We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with your company. Your services are dependable, continously evolving with new features, and extremely valuable for our expansion. The attention to details and willingness to listen to our needs has been paramount to our company.
Amr K.
Frank S.
I have a couple online sites and service businesses and use call forwarding for my 800 number forwarding. They have been reliable for a few years and the portal is excellent so I can get things done quickly. Customer support helped me with the initial setup (voice greeting, basic IVR, etc) and is very responsive.
Frank S.
Canada to India Call Forwarding
Canada to India Call Forwarding

Why an overseas company would want to own a Canada phone number

Virtual phone numbers have become an essential tool for businesses around the world, and Canada is no exception. With the increasing adoption of remote work and the need for seamless communication, owning a virtual phone number in Canada has become a must-have for companies. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why a company would want to own a virtual phone number in Canada.

First and foremost, owning a virtual phone number allows businesses to establish a local presence in Canada. This means that companies can have a Canadian phone number that is recognizable to their customers, partners, and stakeholders. This local presence can boost customer confidence and help companies to build trust with their Canadian audience.

Another reason why companies would want to own a virtual phone number in Canada is to streamline their communication process. With a virtual phone number, companies can consolidate all their incoming calls into a single number, regardless of the location of their employees or the device they are using. This makes it easier for companies to manage their communication channels and ensure that no calls are missed.

Additionally, virtual phone numbers in Canada offer a range of advanced features that can enhance the communication experience for both businesses and customers. For instance, companies can use features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and auto-attendant to ensure that every call is handled professionally and efficiently. Moreover, virtual phone numbers can also provide analytics and reporting tools, which allow companies to track and analyze their call data to make better business decisions.

Owning a virtual phone number in Canada can also be cost-effective for businesses. Traditional phone systems require businesses to invest in expensive hardware and software, which can be a significant barrier for smaller companies. On the other hand, virtual phone numbers require minimal hardware and no upfront capital expenditure, making them a cost-effective alternative for businesses of all sizes.

Finally, owning a virtual phone number in Canada can also help companies to comply with local regulations. Canadian regulations require businesses to have a physical address and phone number in Canada to operate within the country. By owning a virtual phone number, companies can fulfill this requirement without the need for a physical office, which can save them time and money.

In conclusion, owning a virtual phone number in Canada has become a necessity for businesses that want to establish a local presence, streamline their communication channels, enhance their communication features, and save costs. With its range of advanced features, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance benefits, virtual phone numbers have become an essential tool for businesses in Canada. If you are a business owner looking to expand your operations in Canada, consider owning a virtual phone number to gain a competitive edge and enhance your customer experience.

Canadian companies that use virtual phone numbers for worldwide branch office communications

Canadian companies use virtual phone numbers for their branch offices worldwide. Virtual phone numbers can provide a cost-effective and flexible way for Canadian companies to establish a presence in other countries, without the need to set up physical phone lines or offices.

For example, a Canadian company with branches in several countries can use a virtual phone number with a local area code for each branch, so customers in those countries can call a local number and reach the appropriate office.

Also, virtual phone numbers can be useful for companies that have a virtual office, or employees working remotely worldwide. They can use a Canadian virtual phone number and route the calls to their current location worldwide.

Additionally, Canadian companies that have international customers, can use virtual phone numbers for customer support and technical assistance for their international customers. They can have a virtual phone number in the country where their customer are located, so the customers can call a local number and reach the appropriate customer service representative.

There are also some Canadian companies that use virtual phone numbers for marketing purposes, such as telemarketing or lead generation campaigns. They can use virtual phone numbers with area codes from the targeted region, to increase the chances of getting through to potential customers.

A few examples of Toronto and Montreal companies that use virtual phone numbers.

Many companies based in Toronto and Montreal use virtual phone numbers for their branch offices communications. These companies include small businesses, startups, and large corporations from a variety of industries.

Shopify, based in Ottawa (close to Montreal) is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company that provides a platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. They have virtual phone numbers for their customer service and sales teams worldwide, so customers can reach the support or sales team in the same time zone.

Hootsuite, based in Vancouver is a Canadian company. It's worth noting that Hootsuite is not a telecommunication provider, they just provide a way to use virtual phone numbers with Hootsuite's software. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows users to schedule and publish content, track analytics, and engage with followers across multiple social media accounts. One of the features that Hootsuite offers is the ability to use virtual phone numbers internationally.

In general, virtual phone numbers can provide Canadian companies with a convenient and cost-effective way to expand their reach and improve their customer service capabilities worldwide.
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