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Australia Virtual Phone Number How it Works

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Australia Virtual Phone Numbers for Smart Businesses

Australia Call Forwarding, also known as an International Call Forwarding or Australia Virtual Phone Number service, enables you to activate your own local Australia phone number or toll free phone number and instantly divert those calls to any phone worldwide.

If you haven't already, view our global virtual number database here.

We currently offer local numbers and toll free numbers in 160 countries and 1000's of cities around the world.

Perfect for getting your calls from international customers or a new geographical market you are now targeting with advertising.
Australia Call Forwarding How it Works
Our global call forwarding or international call forwarding system is designed to establish a virtual phone presence around the world by activating local or toll-free phione number. These local or toll-free numbers act as a local point of contact and redirect incoming calls to any phone number in the world that you desire.

For example, if your business is located in the UK and you wish to establish a local point of contact or phone presence in Australia, or any of 160 different countries, our Australia virtual number service can provide local or toll-free Australia phone numbers. They can all 'ring to' your UK headquarters office line or to any phone in any country.

View video of how to easily navigate the Australia database of virtual phone numbers.
Once the numbers are activated, all calls made to the virtual number will instantly redirected to the UK based office or any specific call center that you designate to receive these calls. A virtual phone number will divert calls to a mobile, landline, PBX, VoIP or Call Center in any country.

Virtual number service also comes with a highly scalable set of innovative features that add extra value to the local or toll free phone numbers beyond their primary benefits.

The ability to forward calls is very important for businesses and for frequent travelers. Rather than having to leave outgoing messages to people asking them to call a different number, it is much easier to simply forward calls to another line. If you forward your calls, you will not need to worry about missing important communications.

Add the Outbound Calling option to your virtual number. Make international calls using VoIP and free softphone. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop. You can use one of the local or toll free numbers you purchased from us as your Caller ID for your outbound calls.

Jack's Australian cell phone

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Sydney, there was a successful businessman named Jack. Jack ran a thriving company and relied heavily on his Australian mobile phone as the main point of contact for his business. However, Jack had a problem. He frequently traveled to the United States for business meetings and conferences, and he wanted his calls to follow him no matter where he went.

Unfortunately, his Australian cell phone company did not offer international call forwarding. This meant that every time Jack traveled to the US, he would miss important calls from clients and colleagues. This was a big issue for Jack, as he didn't want to miss out on any opportunities for his business.

One day, Jack was browsing the internet and stumbled upon a solution - a virtual phone number service called aitelephone. This service offered Jack a second Australian phone number that would forward his calls to his US hotel phone while he was traveling. Jack was intrigued by this solution and decided to give it a try.

Before he left for his trip, Jack forwarded his existing Australian mobile phone number to the new virtual number provided by aitelephone. This way, all of his calls would be redirected to the new number, which would then do the international forwarding part. Jack was relieved that his calls would now follow him no matter where he went.

Jack's trip to the US was a huge success. He was able to conduct his business meetings without missing any important calls. His clients and colleagues were able to reach him easily, and he was able to respond promptly to their inquiries. Jack was glad that he made the decision to get a second Australian phone number from aitelephone.

When Jack returned to Sydney, he discontinued the new virtual phone number. He was grateful for the solution that aitelephone provided, as it allowed him to stay connected with his business while he was traveling. From then on, Jack made sure to always have a virtual phone number when he traveled to the US or elsewhere.

In conclusion, Jack's business flourished, and he never missed an important call while traveling again. He always remembered the importance of staying connected, and he was grateful to have found a solution that allowed him to do just that.
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Australia Virtual Phone Number How it Works