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U.S. and Canada Toll Free Conference Calls


Toll Free Conference Call

Hosting a Conference Call

1 All attendees dial-in on the date and time you arrange with them.

2 Your attendees are prompted to enter a passcode.

3 Everyone can now be heard and collaborate.

Send your attendees your choice of the either a Toll-Free access number or a Local number and their passcode sent to you immediately upon account activation.
Send your participants a toll-free number to dial-in from the US or Canada.

Toll Free conference call rates

USA and Canada Toll Free Conference Call Plan - How it Works
Features and Options

Local access numbers in the U.S. and Canada Local access numbers in the U.S. and Canada
No reservations necessary Reservationless = no scheduling required
Use it for USA or Canada conference calls Use it for U.S and Canada conference calls
Toll Free conference call service Toll-Free conference calls, host pays
No contract No contract or long term commitment
No prepayment No prepayment
No usage commitments No usage minimums
No ongoing monthly fees No monthly fees
Your conference calls will be crystal clear Crystal clear line quality
Free MP3 session recordings with audio file download included Free MP3 session recordings

Toll Free conference call rates

Toll-Free conference call rate

Conference Call USAUSA/Canada Toll-Free
2.5¢ per minute

Includes access from U.S mainland, Hawaii, Alaska and U.S Virgin Islands, Canada

Toll Free conference call rates

This Toll Free conference call plan enables you to optionally control your conference calls via the web.

The host has the ability to gain more 'control' the conference call on the web using the free Live Conference Viewer.

The leader can also mute or hang-up on callers, if necessary, and put them into sub-conferences using the online Conference Viewer.

The most important moderator controls available from our Live Conference Viewer web interface are available and duplicated using your telephone keypad.

If you are holding a conference call on the road from your cell phone, you will still be able to control the conference call using keypad commands.
  • The moderator can secure the conference call and stop additional entries

  • Attendees can self-mute their own phone

  • The leader can select 'lecture mode' at any time using a keypad command so that he/she can speak without interruption

  • Moderator can hear a participant count at any time during the conference call

  • Moderator receives an emailed attendance report after each conference call
Using the Live Conference Viewer -an optional and free feature.

It's optional, you do not need to use it if you're not on the Web while hosting your conference call.

Toll Free conference call rates

Advanced web-enabled control of your conference call

Example of Conference Viewer Control Panel

Screen Capture of Live Conference Viewer Control Panel

Toll Free conference call rates

Enjoy Host Keypad Star Commands

Use your phone's keypad to control your conference call or use the online Live Conference Viewer

Customer Suitability

The plan is ideal for those customers that wish to provide a toll-free experience for their attendees thus removing any long distance charge obstacle. The toll-free access to your conference call is free to the caller.

To quickly estimate how many minutes you use and what the savings can be using the 2.5¢ Toll Free plan, click here for the
conference call calculator.

No Contract

There is no contract, it's a pay-as-you-go plan. There are no cancellation penalties or term commitments.

Simply use the account when you desire.
There are NO ongoing monthly fees and the toll-free number and passcodes stay the same from call-to-call (unless you request a passcode change which is free of charge).

Your account stands ready for your use 24 hours a day.

Additional Facts

Our system utilizes the worlds market leader in audio conferencing bridges, Avaya.

Most of the moderator conference controls available using the Live Conference Viewer, the web interface, can be duplicated using your telephone with keypad commands.

You have great account control even when not using the included free Live Conference Viewer.

  • The moderator receives an attendance report after each conference call

  • Monthly Statements - View invoices online 24/7
Free MP3 recordings

Your account includes free, unlimited MP3 session recording downloads.

To determine your savings, review a recent bill from your existing toll free conference call provider and compare.

Locate the 'total' minutes used and the 'total cost' of a conference call on your current invoice.

For U.S. & Canada conferencing, multiply the total minutes of the call by $0.025 (2.5¢)

Do the same for hosting Canada conference calls except use our 2.5¢ per minute rate to compare.

Conference Call Calculator

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