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Expanded Plan Account Details

International Conference Call Expanded Service | Features and Billing

Billing Cycle

Customers are billed the first week of the month for any previous month usage.

If there is no account usage, there is no billing.

Account Fees

Monthly Fees = $0.00

This is a pay-as-you-go plan.

There are no account fees, no prepayment, no set up fees, no activation fee, no monthly fees of any kind.

There is no term contract and no minimum usage requirement.

Billing for per minute rates are based on the rates listed.


Credit Card Accepted

International Credit cards accepted
Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Accepted Credit Cards


Open Account Billing

Invoiced accounts are activated after verification

1 The company web site domain name needs to be at least four years old for 'open invoicing'.

Company website must be working (not under construction).

2 The contact person requesting service must use business domain email address matching the business web site domain name.

We are happy to send account correspondence to an alternate email address but also need the
business domain email on file.


Billing Currencies

You have the option to be billed in a currency other than U.S. Dollars.

Available currencies:



Personal Accounts

If an account is for personal use, credit card billing is required.


Global Dial Out Feature

The dial-out feature is enabled by default for all Expanded Plan accounts.

The moderator can dial-out to any attendee phone number globally and add them to the call manually without operator assistance. The dial-out call is 'inbound' to the participant.


Connect App - Optional free tool

Connect App - Free optional tool - image

For mobile or remote connectivity enabling ease of access to the conference call without dialing an access number.

Very useful in countries that have NO local or toll-free access number.

The Connect App works with iPhone, Blackberry, Android plus PC or Mac.

Connect App enables any conference call participant i.e. the leader or attendees
to avoid dialing an access number to join a conference call.

A network connected device is required to use the Connect App.

A download link is provided with account activation email.


Monthly Statements

All accounts (whether credit card billed or open invoiced) receive a detailed monthly statement itemizing all account activity for the previous month.

Monthly account statements are sent to the email address on file.


Free trial of the Expanded Plan is available

We are delighted to provide free trial accounts to businesses.

Typically free trial accounts are 7 to 10 days in duration.

A trial account provides potential customers with direct experience with the service.

Customers can choose to convert the trial account to a standard account at end of trial period.

Trial accounts are 100% free of all charges and include
international access

Free trials must be requested by email to receive special form link.

Trial accounts are provided to businesses that have a working company website and business domain email address. Other qualifications may apply for trial accounts.



To protect all parties, service requests are verified.

We reserve the right to request additional clarifications if necessary.

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