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Names of Poland-based companies that have branch offices and remote employees in other countries

PKN Orlen
Orange Polska
PGE Energia Odnawialna
Play Communications
Asseco Poland

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other companies as well but it gives an idea of the types of companies based in the Poland that utilize virtual phone number with branch offices or remote employees in other countries.

Poland Call forwarding cloud-based phone numbers are a useful feature for Poland individuals and businesses that need to receive calls on multiple phone lines or in different locations. It enables redirecting incoming calls to another phone number even in another country, and the call can be taken on any device. Call forwarding can be a valuable tool for staying connected and managing calls when you are on the go or working remotely.
Peter M.
Real people provide customer service. What a concept -old school these days. Super easy to deal with. Every request is dealt with quickly and correctly. Could not rate Aitelephone highly enough for global phone solutions.
Peter M.
Lyliana J.
Thank you very much for the outstanding service with not a single issue since we opened an account with your company.
Lyliana J.
Lionel C.
Everything works for us really well. We have been using the virtual number for a few years now. It's proved to be a reliable communication tool that we use to develop and support our international customer base.
Lionel C.
no photo available
We are very happy with the service and use of the toll free numbers. No complaints. If there is ever an issue with the service, we contact the team immediately and they resolve the issue within 15 minutes. We see ourselves using the service for a long time.
Robert E.
Marsha Z.
Hello...moving our other two lines over from another company after seeing how much better your service works.  Thanks for such great service.
Marsha Z.
Horata F
We have used Aitelephone for our company incoming calls, our use is  usa and japan numbers for our customer support call center , and forward the calls to our mobiles.
Horata F.
Amr K.
We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with your company. Your services are dependable, continously evolving with new features, and extremely valuable for our expansion. The attention to details and willingness to listen to our needs has been paramount to our company.
Amr K.
Frank S.
I have a couple online sites and service businesses and use call forwarding for my 800 number forwarding. They have been reliable for a few years and the portal is excellent so I can get things done quickly. Customer support helped me with the initial setup (voice greeting, basic IVR, etc) and is very responsive.
Frank S.

A short story about a Poland based pharmaceutical distributor with clients in Asia that he visits and uses a Poland virtual phone number which forwards his Poland calls to his mobile phone number when he is abroad.

Janusz was a successful pharmaceutical distributor based in Poland, with clients located in various countries across Asia. He was always on the go, traveling to meet with clients and suppliers in different cities. Despite his busy schedule, Janusz made sure he stayed connected with his business in Poland through a virtual phone number.

The virtual phone number was set up to forward all incoming calls to Janusz's mobile phone number. This way, he could take important calls from his business partners in Poland while he was abroad. The virtual phone number also allowed Janusz to make calls to Poland at affordable rates, which was crucial for him to stay connected with his team.

Janusz was on a business trip to Singapore, where he met with one of his most important clients. The meeting went smoothly, and they managed to secure a deal for a large shipment of pharmaceutical products. As he was about to leave, Janusz received a call on his mobile phone from his team in Poland.

"Hello, this is Janusz speaking," he answered the call.

"Hi Janusz, we have some urgent updates regarding the shipment for next week," his team member said.

Janusz knew how important this shipment was for the business, and he needed to address the issue as soon as possible. He quickly explained to his team that he was in Singapore, but he had set up a virtual phone number that forwarded his calls to his mobile phone.

"Give me a minute," he said, as he opened the app on his phone and dialed the virtual phone number. The phone rang, and he heard his team member's voice on the other end.

"Hi, what's the issue?" Janusz asked.

They quickly discussed the issue, and Janusz gave his instructions on how to resolve it. He thanked his team member and hung up.

Janusz felt relieved that he was able to handle the issue promptly, thanks to the virtual phone number. He made a mental note to himself to thank his IT team for setting it up. As he left the meeting, he realized that the virtual phone number was not just a convenience, but a critical tool that helped him run his business smoothly, no matter where he was in the world.
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