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Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools


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Presentation Tools

Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools

Use the NEXT, PREV and the Slide List on the toolbar to move between slides, document sections or worksheets. Use the POINT button to toggle the Pointer tool on and off when you want to highlight the content of your presentation. The Use the MARKER button to turn on the marker tool when you want to annotate the content of your presentation.

Choose from 15 Marker colors by clicking on the down arrow on the MARKER button. To turn off the Marker, click on the MARKER button again. To clear the annotation, advance to the next slide.

Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools

Annotation Tools in Publish Mode

Presenters now have the ability to stamp an image of the pointer on selected areas of the slide, leaving behind a pointer image.
Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools

Full Screen

Web Conferencing | Full ScreenThe FULL SCREEN button allows you to reduce the amount of desktop space used by the conference window and maximizes the size of the presentation or document.

To use the Full Screen option, select the FULL SCREEN button on the toolbar. The Presenter and participant(s) application windows will enlarge to fill their respective screens. A participant may choose at any time to close the full screen by selecting the close button.

Use of the CLOSE FULL SCREEN option by a participant will only affect his or her individual screen. Use of the CLOSE FULL SCREEN button by the Presenter will close the full screen for the Presenter and all participants.

Hand Raising

Web Conferencing | Hand RaisingThe HAND RAISING button enables participants to raise a virtual hand either to capture the attention of the Presenter or in response to a question asked by the Presenter.

To raise a hand, the participant simply clicks on the HAND button on the toolbar once to raise the hand and again to lower the hand. A hand will appear in the roster on the Presenter's screen next to each participant that has "raised" his or hand.

The presenter will also see a tally of raised hands at the top of the Roster.

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Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools

Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools

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Web Conferencing | Presentation Tools