Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook

Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook


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Scheduling a Conference with Outlook
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StartVisuals Microsoft OutlookTM Integration allows a Host to schedule web conferences using Microsoft Outlook. Adding web conferencing to an Outlook meeting is as simple as clicking STARTVISUALS WEB MEETING in Outlook.

To schedule a conference using Outlook:

1. Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook Install the Outlook Add-On by downloading and installing the Installation Kit (optional) command selecting the "Outlook Add-On" option during installation. Note: You must temporarily close Outlook while installing this feature.

2. Access the scheduling feature of Outlook. For direct access to the meeting feature, click the WEB CONFERENCE button, which is located in the upper left-hand corner of Outlook. An Outlook Appointment window will open.

3. Click the INVITE ATTENDEES button on the toolbar. Insert e-mail addresses and meeting details just as you would through the Meeting feature of Outlook.

4. Set a Reminder for your web conference so you will be able to log-in before the conference is scheduled to begin.

5. Click the WEB CONFERENCE button at the upper left-hand corner of the Outlook Meeting window. This will open a Web Conference Details window, which provides the option of sending up to two memos to participants and the ability to send an e-mail summary of the conference to one or more indicated e-mail addresses.

6. Click the OK button to insert the web conference's join URL into the body of your meeting request. This link will direct users to a join page where they can insert personal information in the Web Conference Join field. Note: Attendees invited through the Outlook Integration feature do not require an access code as they are invited to the conference individually.

7. Click the SEND button to forward your e-mail message including the embedded link for your web conference to attendees.

8. Once the Reminder for the meeting is received, the Host will click the OPEN ITEM button. This opens the e-mail originally sent to participants.

9. The Host then clicks the embedded link, which opens the log in page for the conference. To log-in, the Host inserts his or her credentials. Note: In order to allow participants to join, the Host must login before the meeting is scheduled to begin.

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Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook

Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook

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Web Conferencing | Scheduling a Conference with Outlook