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Web Conferencing | Host Controls


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After you have successfully logged in you are presented with a full screen conference window. At the top of the conference window is a toolbar, see figure A, containing buttons used to conduct and manage Web conferences.

Figure A. Host Controls (toolbar)
Web Conferencing | Host Controls

Starting a Web Conference

Web Conferencing | Host ControlsMulti Media StartVisuals is a reservationless Web conferencing service so it does not require pre-planning or scheduling. Once you have logged into your account you can immediately start a conference following these easy steps:

1. Click the START button on the toolbar. A dialog window opens displaying instructions for inviting participants to join the conference.

2. Instruct your participants to visit the Conference Entry page
and to complete the "Join Conference" form using your assigned Passcode. (The same passcode assigned to your audio conference login)

As each user logs in to the conference the user's name appears in your
Attendee List.

*The Host is the person who starts the conference. The Presenter can be the Host or a Participant who receives control of the conference from the Host.

Publishing a Document

Web Conferencing | Host ControlsOnce you have logged in to your Multi Media StartVisuals account you can either start a Web conference or you can prepare for a presentation by publishing Microsoft PowerPoint™, Word™, or Excel™ documents.

To Publish documents, follow these steps:

1. Click the Publish button on the toolbar
2. Click the Browse button in the Publish dialog window
3. Select a document file path using the file explorer window
4. Click the Publish button in the Publish dialog window

After completing these steps your document is automatically copied and converted into a StartVisuals presentation. A status bar indicates the publishing progress. Once publishing is complete the first page of your document appears in the conference window.

At the conclusion of the conference, you will have the option to delete your document. If you do not delete your presentation at the conclusion of a conference, you may choose to delete it anytime in the future using the PUBLISH feature.

To Delete a published document:

1. Click the PUBLISH button on the toolbar
2. Click the DELETE PUBLISHED button in the Publish dialog window
3. Close Publish dialog window or Publish a new document

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MM Start Visuals Features

  • Easy to learn, fast to use, very reliable

  • No broswer plug-in or software to download. Instant Set up

  • High quality audio, not VoIP. Use your normal phone and a Web enabled PC or Mac

  • Application and desktop sharing in one account

  • Share PowerPoint slides with one click

  • Make any attendee a presenter in two clicks

  • Works with any browser/platform that supports Java (works with Macintosh and Unix users)

  • Text chat

  • Presentation pointer

  • Attendee list window

  • Instant or scheduled meetings

  • Password-protected or open to all

  • Participant report emailed to host after meeting

  • Start your Web meeting in seconds

Web Conferencing | Host Controls

Web Conferencing | Host Controls

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Web Conferencing | Host Controls