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VoIP Broadband Phone Technology

By definition, VoIP refers to calls that traverse networks
using Internet Protocol (IP).

This may mean that the calls are going over the Internet, or it may simply mean calls are traveling over privately managed data networks that are using IP to transport the calls from one location to the other.

The voice stream is broken down into packets, compressed, and sent toward their final destination by various routes (as opposed to establishing a 'permanent' connection for the duration of the call), depending on the most efficient paths given network congestion, etc.

At the other end, the packets are reassembled, decompressed, and converted back into a voice stream by various hardware and software elements, depending on the nature of the call and its final destination.

Whether the call originated on a PC, a telephone, or an Integrated Access Device (IAD), and whether it is going to be terminated on a PC, telephone, or IAD, determines the type of software and hardware needed to initiate and complete the call.

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VoIP Service - VoIP Technology
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VoIP Broadband Phone Service - VoIP Technology


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VoIP Broadband Phone Service - VoIP Technology