VoIP Service - Broadband Phone Pros and Cons

Broadband Phone Service

VoIP Service - Broadband Phone Pros and Cons


VoIP Service - Broadband Phone Pros and Cons

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VoIP Service - Broadband Phone Pros and Cons

Internet Calling - Not as easy as a regular phone.

Internet phone service isn't for everyone. While VoIP
hardware and software isn't as complex and hard to
set up as other standard office technologies, such
as wireless networking, it's still not as hands off as
plain old telephone service.

The quality of VoIP can be variable.

In the best cases, it can be far superior to that of a
regular phone, especially for international calls.

However, if your call ends up routed over a congested
portion of the Internet, quality can degrade, which
manifests itself as an uncomfortable lag times between
the parties in a conversation.

On a positive note, you can get great integration with
your computers.

Some systems send all your voicemail to your e-mail
in-box and let you dial phone numbers directly from

And even the smallest company can set up a virtual phone
system that spans offices (or home offices) yet functions
very much like a phone system used by a corporation with
dozens of worldwide offices.

For example, a small business can get features such as
simultaneous ringing, in which a call to your main
number rings on all three of your employees' phones,
even if some of them are not Internet phones.

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VoIP Service - VoIP Pros and Cons

VoIP Service - VoIP Pros and Cons

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VoIP Service - Broadband Phone Pros and Cons