Travel Calling Card | The Most Convenient Calling Card To Make International Calls When Traveling

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Why do we say "a calling card like no other" ?

Because it not only offers U.S. and international toll free access, it also provides Toll Free and 'local' access in many cities around the world.
Use the Virtual calling card FROM 30 countries
For example, if you are Paris, France you can use the local Paris access number. Or, if outside of Paris use the France Toll Free access number.

If you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can use the local Buenos Aires access number, call back to the U.S. from your hotel room for 6
¢ per minute. Or call any other country, cheap.

Check the link below for toll free and non-toll free global access numbers.
The non-toll free or 'local' numbers offer the cheapest rates. There are two separate rates schedules, toll free and non-toll free.

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Virtual Card combines powerful yet simple-to-use features with crystal-clear line
quality and incredibly low rates. This service sets a new standard for value and convenience.

Virtual Card can be used from any of the 40 countries listed. All you need to do is dial the toll-free number that corresponds to your country location and enter a PIN number.

In addition, for even greater savings, Virtual Card offers you the choice to use 'local' worldwide access numbers. These 'local' access numbers are available in hundreds of worldwide cities.

The Virtual Card works the same as the cards of AT&T, MCI or Sprint, except the rates are up to 85% lower than those cards and from many countries even more than 85% cheaper.

With the Virtual Card, you are never more than a phone call away from home or office. You no longer need to pay exorbitant hotel long distance rates.

Enhanced Features
  • Worldwide 'local' access numbers in hundreds of worldwide cities (extremely low rates).
  • Store up to ninety nine favorite phone numbers. To call a stored number, simply enter a code from 1 to 99 plus the # key.

  • If you want to make calls back-to-back, don't hang up. At the end of each call, just
  • press the # key three times (###), wait for the voice prompt and enter your next destination number.
How Virtual Card works

1    Once your account is active, you dial the toll free access number that
corresponds to your country location. A worldwide toll free access number list is provided upon account activation.

2    You will be prompted to enter a PIN number and then your call destination
number. Your call is then processed immediately.

To view Virtual Card worldwide rates, both toll free access numbers and 'local'
access number in worldwide cities,
click here.

How billing works

Your credit card is charged for actual usage at the end of the month. This is not a
prepaid calling card. There are NO monthly fees or sign up fees or cancellation fees.

How do you get this service ? Simply click on the "Sign Up Now" at this

Once your new account is activated, you'll receive an email with easy user instructions including the following:
  1. A list of worldwide toll free access numbers
  2. A link to view all global 'local' access numbers  
  3. Your PIN for making calls
  4. A login page that permits you to do the following online:
  • View account invoice and usage details online
  • Set up or modify any speed dial codes you may require

The Virtual Card a calling card like no other. It is a 'travel' calling card that you can use to make calls from your hotel room.

Toll Free access numbers are available in a variety of countries plus 'local' worldwide access numbers in big cities.

The Virtual Card has amazing low rates.

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How to use this calling card

The Virtual Card works from touch tone landline phones and cell phones, hotel rooms, and most public phones.

The Virtual Card, with it's 'in country' toll free access numbers, can be used in situations where using a
callback service may not be convenient.

Dialing Instructions

1 Dial on of the many Virtual Card toll free numbers provided to you once you sign up.

2 Enter your assigned 10 Digit PIN number.

3 You'll be prompted to enter your call destination number.

Enter the number you wish to call as follows:

For calls to USA, Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number + # Key

For calls to the rest of the world: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + # Key

Virtual Calling Card | The Most Convenient Calling Card To Make International Calls

Virtual Calling Card | The Most Convenient Calling Card To Make International Calls

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Travel Calling Card | The Most Convenient Calling Card To Make International Calls When Traveling