Virtual Number Canada Enables International Call Forwarding and to Any Mobile Phone, Landline or VoIP Globally

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Virtual Number Canada diverts your Canadian calls to any landline, cell phone or VoIP/SIP Globally

Virtual Number Canada provides a direct connection to the Canadian marketplace. Virtual phone numbers are extremely simple to use. A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn’t directly linked to a telephone line. This number can be accessed and managed in the cloud.

Completely standing alone, virtual numbers don’t require landlines to connect calls. Customers can login 24/7 and manage their number via a control panel that allows for easy configuration of the virtual phone number. Setting the destination of the phone number and adjusting or experimenting with advanced features is easy with this system. Any changes made are effective in real time.

Toronto Canada Global Call Forwarding

Virtual Number Canada Call Forwarding
Redirect Callers to any phone in Canada or Worldwide.

Top Features

  • SMS Mobile Numbers
  • Outbound Calling Option
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced IVR Extension Call Forwarding
  • Customized Greeting
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email Forwarding
  • Local Ringtone
  • Live Technical / Customer Support
  • Simultaneous Forwarding to Multiple Phones

How to Get a Virtual Number Canada Phone Line for Call Forwarding

Buying a Virtual Number Canada is easy.

1 Go to this Virtual Number Database link.

Use the drop down arrow and choose Canada in the top left country field.

2 Select the Virtual Number Canada type of number you want from the drop down list.

3 Enter your call destination country and ring to number on the top selection boxes on the right.

See example banner at
top of this page.

4 Click “View Rates & Try For Free.” Pick a plan and select any optional features you wish.

Lastly, enter your contact information and account type.
click “
Try For Free”

Virtual Number Canada Types

Virtual Number Canada Types

Canada Geographic – Local city geographic numbers are associated with specific regions such as Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Alberta, etc, within the country. Callers can reach these numbers from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and other countries.

Canada Mobile (SMS Optional) – In Canada, Mobile (SMS Optional) Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and other countries can access this type of number. Canada Mobile SMS numbers feature sends inbound SMS messages to your email.

Canada National – Canada National numbers are also called a non-geographic phone number. National numbers are phone numbers reachable from an entire country at the same price anywhere in the country as a local phone call. Unlike geographic phone numbers (which are tied to a specific city such as Toronto, Paris or Madrid), national phone numbers are not tied to a local area.

Canada Toll Free Mobile Accessible – Landlines, mobile phones, and fax transmissions can reach Toll Free Mobile Accessible Canada virtual numbers.

Canada Toll Free – Toll Free numbers also use a “800” prefix. Landlines and fax transmissions can reach these numbers.

Virtual Phone Number Canada

Most common Call Forwarding Routes FROM Canada

Virtual Number Canada to United States
Virtual Number Canada to Mexico
Virtual Number Canada to Honduras
Virtual Number Canada to Argentina
Virtual Number Canada to Bangladesh
Virtual Number Canada to Belize
Virtual Number Canada to Brazil
Virtual Number Canada to Cambodia
Virtual Number Canada to China
Virtual Number Canada to Japan
Virtual Number Canada to Ecuador
Virtual Number Canada to Finland
Virtual Number Canada to Germany
Virtual Number Canada to Spain
Virtual Number Canada to Italy
Virtual Number Canada to Guatemala
Virtual Number Canada to India
Virtual Number Canada to Indonesia
Virtual Number Canada to Qatar
Virtual Number Canada to the UK
Virtual Number Canada to Venezuela

Most common call forwarding routes
TO Canada

International Call Forwarding from the US to Canada

If you are located in the US, you can buy a US virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. US numbers are plentiful and available in most US cities. Examples of the well known US cities and area codes are:
New York 212, 646, 917, 347. - Florida area codes, 561, 954, 305, 786. - Texas area codes, 214, 713, 903. - California area codes, 818, 916, 415, 213, 323, 310, 619, 805. - Omaha area codes, 402 - Las Vegas, Nevada area codes, 702, 775, 725 - Santa Ana area codes, 657 - New Orleans area codes, 504 - Miami, Florida area codes, 305, 786 - Seattle, 206

International Call Forwarding from Mexico to Canada
If you are located in Mexico, you can buy a Mexico virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Mexico cities and area codes are: Acapulco, 744 - Cancun, 998 - Ciudad Juarez, 656 - Chihuahua, 614 - Mexico City, 55 - Oaxaca 878 - Veracruz, 229

International Call Forwarding from Honduras to Canada
If you are located in Honduras, you can buy a Honduras virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Honduras cities and area codes are: Honduras, 504

International Call Forwarding from Argentina to Canada
If you are located in Argentina, you can buy an Argentina virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Argentina cities and area codes are: Buenos Aires, 11 - Santa Fe, 342 - Salta, 387 - Villa Mercedes, 2657

International Call Forwarding from Australia to Canada
If you are located in Australia, you can buy a Australia virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Australian cities and area codes are: Sydney 28, Melbourne 38-39, Brisbane 73, Perth 86, Adelaide 87, Newcastle 240, Canberra 26 - 261

International Call Forwarding from Belize to Canada
If you are located in Belize, you can buy a Belize virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Belize cities and area codes are: Belize, 501

International Call Forwarding from Canada to Canada
If you are located in Canada, you can buy a Canada virtual number that forwards calls to other Canada cities. Examples of the well known Canada cities and area codes are: Vancouver, 604 - Victoria, 250 - Toronto, 416, Hamilton, 905 - Montreal, 514 - Quebec, 418

International Call Forwarding from Brazil to Canada
If you are located in Brazil, you can buy a Brazil virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Brazil cities and area codes are: Vera Cruz, 71, Sao Paolo, 11, San Jose, 48, Rio De Janeiro, 21, Recife, 81, Belo Horizonte, 31

International Call Forwarding from China to Canada
If you are located in China, you can buy a China virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known China cities and area codes are: Beijing, 10, Shanghai, 21, Tongchuan, 919

International Call Forwarding from Ecuador to Canada
If you are located in Ecuador, you can buy an Ecuador virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Ecuador cities and area codes are: Ecuador, 593 toll free

International Call Forwarding from Finland to Canada
If you are located in Finland, you can buy a Finland virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Finland cities and area codes are: Finland, Helsinki 9, Kokkola, 6, Espoo, 9, Turku, 2, Vantaa, 9, Tampere, 3 and Finland Toll-Free.

International Call Forwarding from Japan to Canada
If you are located in Japan, you can buy a Japan virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Japan cities and area codes are: Chiba 43, Kawaguchi 48, Kawasaki 44, Kobe 78, Kobubunji 42, Nagoya 52, Narita 476, Osaka 6, Saitama 48, Tokyo 3, Yokohama 45.

International Call Forwarding from Germany to Canada
If you are located in Germany, you can buy an Germany virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Germany cities and area codes are: Germany, toll free 0800, Munich, 89, Cologne, 221, Frankfurt, 69, Berlin, 30, Essen 201

International Call Forwarding from Spain to Canada
If you are located in Spain, you can buy a Spain virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Spain cities and area codes are: Spain, toll free 0900, Madrid 91, Barcelona 90, Valencia 96, Seville 95 and 85.

International Call Forwarding from India to Canada
If you are located in India, you can buy an India virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known India cities and area codes are: India toll free 800, Mumbai, Bengalaru, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad

International Call Forwarding from Italy to Canada
If you are located in Italy, you can buy an Italy virtual number that forwards calls to Canada. Examples of the well known Italy cities and area codes are: Italy toll free 800, Rome 06, Naples 081, Torino 011, Catania 095, Pisa 050, Venice 0444, Bologna 051

Virtual Number Canada Account Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including the following:

Your Virtual Number Canada

Your account number and PIN and Customer Portal web address enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' number in real time, 24/7

  • View call details online

  • Manage your account online

How do you get this service?

Virtual Number Canada Call Forwarding Database

View Plans and Rates

Virtual Number Canada Creates a Phone Presence in Canada And Enables Call Forwarding to Any Country

Your callers experience instant call forwarding and high quality audio to any landline, mobile phone or VoIP/SIP globally.

» Global Call Forwarding - Main

Virtual Number Canada Features

Call Recording Option
Call Recording feature can be enabled to allow recording of all or only a percentage of inbound calls from your designated virtual number.

Get RollOver Minutes!

Get more value out of your call forwarding plan.
When you sign up, you can select the RollOver Option to accumulate your unused plan minutes for future use.

No Fees for Incomplete or Busy Calls

You will not be charged anything for an incomplete call or if your 'ring to' number happens to be busy.

Simultaneous Call Forwarding (Free)
You can have multiple calls simultaneously forwarded to the same (ring to) phone number. It is a free feature for those customers who have a PBX or hunt group at the receiving number.

Flexible Call Forwarding
This service is compatible with any fixed or mobile phone in Canada.

Large Selection of Canada Phone Numbers
Choose from a large selection of Canada virtual phone numbers in many Canada provinces.

Easily Change Your 'Ring To' Number
Change your call forwarding number at any time with our easy to use online customer management portal or by phone.

Fax to Email - ForwardFax
With ForwardFax you can receive a fax on your Canada virtual number and have that fax delivered to you by email. There is no extra charge for using this feature and activation can be easily done through your customer control panel.

Customized Greeting
This feature allows customers to record a customized greeting free of charge. The recorded greeting will be played after a caller dials your Canada virtual phone number and before the forwarding number starts ringing.

Easy Payment Options
We can debit your monthly usage from your preferred credit card, or you can pre-pay your account every month. See payment options on sign up form.

Electronic Monthly Statements
You'll receive a monthly statement by e-mail with all of your call details for the month at no additional charge. You can also login to your customer management portal and view your accounts call details 24/7.

Excellent Customer Service
We provide customer service that aims to please. As our customer, you will receive individual attention from trained and qualified techs.

Online Account Management
Our full featured online account management interface allows you to easily handle your accounts and take advantage of our many convenient features. You can make changes on-the-fly.

Receive Calls From Any Country
You can receive international calls from USA and from any country. Anyone in any country can access your Canada Call Forwarding number as they can call Canada.

Variety of Virtual Number Canada Plans
When signing up for our Canada call forwarding service, you will be able to choose a plan that fits with your usage patterns, from basic to high volume.

Advanced Forwarding
With our Advanced Forwarding feature you can choose to forward your calls to different phone numbers or to your voice mail with time of the day options for all seven days of the week.

Voice Mail
If you activate Voice Mail, your calls will either go to voice mail if there is no answer at the 'ring to' number or you can choose to send all your calls directly to your Voice Mail e.g.
do not disturb. You can also choose to forward all your voice mails to your email in the form of a voice file.

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