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Create a customized virtual collaboration space
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Video Conference, Notes, Text, Chat, Broadcast
wn a perfectly organized virtual space that you can be proud of
Free trial no credit card required

No downloads or software to install.
You only need a browser.

Implement meeting spaces in a few clicks.

Easy access control: Invite anyone, even visitors who aren't logged in, and carefully control who can see and do what.
Human-readable URLs.

Start with tasteful presets.

Product images, sales documents, meeting agendas, whatever you need — all on the same page

Get our free trial and replace provider branding" immediately. Even with your free trial. Private (your company) branding is not an extra.

Not just an empty talking point

HIPAA compliant video chats.

Encrypted file storage. Secure text chat.

Take your data with you when you leave, we’ll destroy the copies — Seriously....Your Guests are yours, your content is yours, your data is yours, not ours.

We track nothing
Your Places, For Your People

Individual rooms for customers, opportunities, client deliverables, projects, teams, anything. Preserve communication, collaboration, or deal stage.
Unlimited Rooms

"The perfect breakout room doesn't exist..."

When working with a highly skilled team on a unified goal it often becomes necessary to break into smaller groups to increase efficiency, utilize time better, and ultimately have a more productive collaboration experience.

Within your account you can create loads of rooms for whatever you need. Rooms can be used for collaborating on notes, hosting smaller special interest meetings, individual customer rooms where all of their documents and info can be kept, and more.

Notes, Text, Chat, Broadcast Rooms augment the collaboration experience and give your team a place for anything and everything.
Nurture Relationships Over Time

Whatever you need
, you'll have a set of tools that allows you to cultivate any relationship inside your own space.
Client Communication

Having a point person makes sure that there is a single access point for information and communication.

You what makes a great central communication hub, where that point person can input call notes, agendas, deliverables? It's here. We make it easy for an account manager to keep the team members abreast of what's going on with each client and keep everyone organized.
Client related documentation in one place

Keeping your client related documentation in one place is all about streamlining
. Not only that, but keeping it in the same space where you communicate dramatically decreases the chances of you having a client-facing meltdown because you've lost/forgotten/didn't know whatever it is your meeting about.

Simplification cannot happen without organization, and organization is simplified here.
Hybrid Workspace

Many businesses are planning to make the shift back to the office. The methods, strategies, and tools they use, however, have, in many cases, changed permanently.

Hybrid work has become the norm, with many workers planning to continue working from home full-time and others coming into the office on only a part-time basis. What does managing that hybrid team look like--and how can you adapt your management strategies to offer your employees a higher degree of success?
The Conference Room

That room with the huge table and big monitor.

Seriously, the conference room is no longer going to serve the needs of a workforce that has remote team members and in-person team members that are now very aware of germs and social distancing.

You can create a meeting space that works for everyone.
Tech Upgrade

Does the wifi signal get weak once the door is shut?

You want everyone to feel like they are in the room, including the remote team members, and that means using your best tech.

Unless you have a wired connection, boost your wifi signal to ensure your remote team members don't get dropped and your meeting isn't interrupted by connection issues.

Check your Video Quality Report from Google here. If you want to test for the internet coming into your building from your ISP use this.
Need a Meeting

Business decisions may turn out better with a meeting, either online or in person.

You want to look into the faces of the people you are asking to decide the fate of the product or company to determine if anyone is hiding their feelings about the issue.

Words can hide the actual thoughts of an individual, but their faces have signs that can alert you that something is not right for them. Then, a real discussion can be had about any trepidations.
Email versus a Virtual Meeting

It possible that a forced meeting which delays work and forces employees to work overtime to regain the time spent listening is just not worth it.
Time away from projects is not productive and will lead to a decrease in profitability. It’s important to gauge the cost of the two-hour-long meeting against the productivity of a five-minute email.

Email vs. Meeting is a hot topic. Our service is a place where you can make an instant decision if a real-time chat needs to become a meeting or the reverse. You can even loop someone in who isn't in the office because they're living a hybrid life. Try it out free.
B2B Lead Generation

The market is flooded with applications but where they fall short is their inability to combine various tools to digitize sales and support structures.

We provide a comprehensive platform that allows your company to offer video conferencing, text chat, document-sharing, and more, all in one place. Customize it to suit your preferences and brand identity. Magically you'll own an impressive, perfectly organized virtual space that has only your company branding and personality. You'll look forward to inviting others to join you.
CSS Command Line

Want even more control over the look and feel of your virtual workspace?

We have a custom code editor where you can add CSS commands and make a space that is true to your brand messaging.
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