Increase Attendee Engagement with Video Conferencing

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Video Pro Features

Of course, in order to truly interact with attendees, video conferencing needs to be easy to use. You simply can’t engage with others if you’re busy trying to figure out how to make the technology work or fumbling with controls. Video Pro puts everything you need at your fingertips in an easy and intuitive desktop app.

Simply invite attendees, sign in as the presenter, choose your layout (Grid, Active Talker, or Lecture), and click the Power button. You can even invite attendees on the fly, another great feature that encourages collaboration and engagement within your team.

Video Pro includes the following video conferencing features
  Screen and application sharing
  Recording (available on some plans)
  Conference lock
  Status markers (Ready, Question, Agree, Disagree, and Away)
  Pass presenter controls
  Visual indicators
  Built-in free VoIP audio (Optional audio conference connections via phone available)
  Collaborative note taking
  YouTube® streaming (available on plans)
  Automatic attendance reports emailed to you at the end of each video conference

With the Video Pro conferencing service, you have a private video conference room at your fingertips for webinars, team meetings, interviews, conferences, consultations, training, and on-the-fly collaboration.  See user guide slide show here.

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Video Pro | Increase Engagement

Increase Attendee Engagement with Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an increasingly useful tool for bringing people together. As with many of today’s technologies, video conferencing technology has improved dramatically while costs have fallen. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use solution that can both facilitate and improve collaboration.

By adding video conferencing to your communications toolbox, you’ll also find that it’s much more engaging than traditional audio conference calls.

How Video Conferencing Can Increase Attendee Engagement

Video allows everyone to see and hear one another. When you meet face-to-face with someone, there’s a more personal connection. Important social cues like eye contact, smiles, or a questioning look can immediately be picked up on. You simply can’t get that with an audio call or a chat box.

Attendees become more familiar with each when interacting in a video conference - even if they are thousands of miles apart. Real relationships can form over time between virtual team members through the use of regular video conferences. In addition, when cameras are turned one, your attendees will be less likely to multitask during your meetings. If you want to their full attention, a face-to-face video conference can help direct their focus to the topic at hand.

Video conferencing isn’t just about putting everyone on camera. In fact, you may opt to have just the presenter appear on camera. Meanwhile, other video elements increase engagement with your audience due to their visual nature. For example, screen sharing allows the presenter to demonstrate software, show a presentation, detail step-by-step instructions, or take attendees on a virtual tour.
Meetings become less boring when video is involved.

Rather than talking about something in the abstract, your entire group can see it in a visual format. For visual learners, you can’t beat the power of video conferencing both in terms of engagement and knowledge retention. Auditory learners also benefit thanks to the inclusion of audio. Those who learn best by taking and/or reading notes will love the live, collaborative notes feature.

Increasing Your Own Engagement

As the presenter of a video conference, your own engagement can also increase. For example, if you notice an attendee who looks confused or like they’d like to say something, you can reach out just as if you were in the same room. Your meetings will become more interactive as a result and less like reading from a script.

With Video Pro, you have a great deal of leeway in how you set up each video conference. Depending on the nature of the meeting, you might opt for Lecture Mode, Active Talker Mode, or set up the display so each attendee appears on the screen in a grid. logo