Video Conferencing Use Case with Interactive Sales Presentations

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Video conferencing usage possibilities
Scenarios for Using Video Pro as a Business Tool

Video conferencing is an effective medium for sales presentations and can be used any number of ways. Below are just a few possibilities.

•  Deploy Video Meetings Worldwide
•  Introductions and requirements gathering
•  Presenting your solution
•  Negotiations
•  Problem solving
•  Consultations
•  Virtual tours
•  Meet the team
•  Closing the deal
•  Product demonstrations
•  Adding that personal touch to long-distance deals
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Video Conferencing Uses
Video Conferencing = Endless Possibilities
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Video conferencing is a communications tool which enables for collaboration with remote teams.

Some companies use video conferencing to permit even their far flung offices and departments including R & D, legal, labs and a multitude of every other close collaboration situation you can imagine, to communicate face-to-face often if not daily.


Marketing teams are able to receive real-time feedback both from geographically dispersed team members as well as from customers, partners and industry analysts about messages, content, and even entire campaigns before the launch.  Whether you are located in New York only or New York and India and China, you can use Video Pro to collaborate with the visual element and with built in VoIP audio or with added PSTN global audio.

Teams can use Video Pro to connect with different groups and present online presentations or HD video of marketing campaigns, ask for comments, discuss any issues face-to-face, and see participant facial expressions and body language which cannot be done with audio only.

The chat feature allows the launch team to exchange private comments regarding any reactions and come up with new questions on the spot.

Project Management with Remote Team Members

In general, project managers need to honcho projects from initial concept to actualization within an agreed time line. These tasks become more complex when teams are dispersed over disparate geography and the complexity is only exacerbated and when companies work with globally located supplers. Video Pro can dramatically simplify coordination and communication among project teams. logo